Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter Poodles!


  1. Happy and Blessed Easter, Ter

    1. Terry!

      I bet if you got lost in Rome, you would take your time to get back home as we all know where you would most likely be:

      Happy Easter! May the new life that comes from the Risen Lord be yours forever.

  2. My, you've been working out! Love the pink tights.


    Happy Easter!

  3. Haha, Happy Easter Terry!

  4. Sometime in High School I was in the Philly airport travelling with my aunt and uncle and we had lunch at a place that served baked subs or something. We sat down and as I was about to take my first bite, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at my uncle who was sitting next to me and saw a hand on his shoulder too. Before we could turn around, we heard a very excited man say, "I smell pizza, but there's no pizza!" My uncle turned to look at the face that was now between our heads and, as if he was expecting him, said, "well hello, Richard, how are you?" Richard Simmons then looked at my bottle of soda, tsk-tsk'ed me, squeezed our shoulders, and then took off down the concourse at what could be described as a quick gallop, waving at people and saying "I love you" to anyone who shouted at him. It was winter and he was wearing capri tights and his trademark tank top. There was no one with him.

    That is the only time I've ever seen (or been touched) by a bona-fide celebrity. Great pic of Richard, Terry!

  5. Two new Catholics in my family as of this Easter weekend! Happy Easter, Terry!


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