Monday, April 06, 2015

What if people really talked liked this?

Catholicly Correct speech ...

How to introduce your formerly 'gay' son and his friend when they arrive for a candlelight dinner party:  "This is my same sex attracted son Sheridan, and his disinterested friend Tarquin."

. . .

The Candlelight Supper, Sheridan rings, and after asking for seventy pounds, the following is heard:

Hyacinth (to Sheridan): "Now you're not spending it on girls, are you, dear? You promised Mummy. We agreed not until after you've finished your education. [she listens] Oh, you and Tarquin aren't interested in girls. What a comfort that is to a mother's heart, dear."
H/T Mack



  1. I love that Bucket woman! Who cares if every episode is exactly the same. I wish they would make a remake with Sheridan being a pretentious middle-age queen. He could have some poor mousey woman (with a rich father) for a wife who to play the Richard part and Tarquin as his "business associate "and his "ex school chum..but not the boarding school kind!" Oh yes we so desire a must know how much rents are in the most prestigious parts of Chelse! Why it's ever so hard to find room. And I detest children sleeping in cupboards ! But would it be fair really with our high-powered careers?"

    He could go to NOM rallies "Oh you are so right Lady Coucilman Nugent Junior.. Marriage is between one man and one woman but I think there should be even more restrictions based on social economic class!" And of course that is when a still carrying a torch drunken Tarquin and his friends would crash the fundraiser..Tarquin being a cross between the Major and Daisy... And hilarity would ensue...

    1. I always thought a rewrite of the Odd Couple would have worked with Felix being gay and Oscar not so much - and totally disinterested. The current one with Chandler is the worst - definitely they should have gone with gay in that. They could both be 'ssa' but totally disinterested friends who are interested in making new disinterested friends. Kinda/sorta.


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