Monday, June 25, 2012

Toldja. The secret was revealed in its entirety.

Sr. Lucia of Fatima, before and after the chin implant. 

Sister Lucia on the third part of the secret of Fatima:

"It upset her that there was so much speculation about the Secret," writes Sister Maria Celina de Jesús Crucificado in a fascinating little booklet, Our Memories of Sister Lucia. "Before it was revealed, she used to say rather sadly: 'If they would only live the most important part, which has already been revealed! They are only interested in what has yet to be said, instead of fulfilling what has already been asked for: prayer and penance!'

"After the Secret had been revealed, people began to express doubts as to the authenticity of the text. One day I said to her: 'Sister Lucia, people are saying that there is yet another secret!' "She replied: 'If they know that there is another secret, let them reveal it! I know of no other! Some people are never satisfied. Take no notice!'" - Source


  1. I'm disappointed no one responded to the chin implant thing.

    1. Re Lucy's implant, very obviously not the same person.

    2. Very obviously not the same person. Extremely curious. Worth investigation.


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