Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Juz somethin' I sawr in a winda and I couldn't resist it!"

Seriously, I couldn't resist posting this photo.  I found it first on The PulpIt and then on New Liturgical Movement.  I love Cardinal Burke who seems to be one of the few Cardinals willing to wear the cappa magna - a lot.  I genuinely like him and I also like the fact he favors traditional ecclesial style. 

Can you hear this?


  1. Specs for the cappa magna have been modified. The train shouldn't be that long.

  2. that song never gets old. love the good cardinal.

    1. I love him too. If he should ever become pope, you know the tiara and the fans are coming back out.

  3. I know where to find him in about a month.

  4. We should be so fortunate that he would become Pope! Though I like Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera very much. I also like the new Patriarch of Venice Archbishop Moraglia.


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