Saturday, June 30, 2012

I feel sorry for Tommy

Tom and Katie are divorcing.  Evidently Tom did not see this one coming: Katie filed in NY where the records are sealed, so we will probably never know the details.  I feel sorry for Tom.*  I think he is sort of a control freak, out to prove something - like his manhood.  Why else would he endanger his life doing all his own stunts?  It seems to me he pretty much obtained the marriage he contracted with Katie - he wanted it - he wanted her.  Secular-civil marriage is a form of acquisition and possession - on one level it is a means to contract, or claim ownership of one or the other, or in today's terms, one another... it becomes a legal claim of possession.

In the old days especially it was like that - consider how the woman lost her identity and became known as Mrs. John Doe - not Mrs. Jane Roe-Doe, but Mrs. John Doe, or Mrs. Doe.  What happened to Jane?  See what I mean?

So Tom Cruise is actually an old fashioned kind of guy - he goes looking for brides, buys them, and then they leave him.  He might just be too possessive... although he's obviously a good provider. Ka-ching. 

Anyway - in our day, marriage has lost its meaning, don't you agree?

*I feel especially for him because despite all his fame and fortune he strikes me as terribly unhappy and shallow.


  1. And I hope Katie returns to the Church.

  2. he strikes me as terribly unhappy and shallow - and also a tad bit crazy.

  3. I hope they both return to the Church. It would be wonderful for them both to rediscover their faith, but also it would be a very positive step in the struggle for Truth against absurd sects and cults such as Scientology.

    1. That is exactly my hope as well.

  4. My understanding is that Tom Cruise was in a high school Catholic seminary back in the day- I vaguely remember reading a profile about him in Rolling Stone magazine back in the late 80's/early 90's concerning this and other things. I wonder what happened to him there- just a thought on why he was turned off to the Catholic faith. Katie Holmes was apparantly rasised in a devout Catholic family in Ohio- so hopefully she will return to her roots. We can only pray as the world is sadly so enticing.

  5. +JMJ+

    I was on Twitter when the news broke.


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