Monday, June 25, 2012

The Miracle (1959)

The plot.
So anyway, there was a young girl named Teresa who entered the monastery but ran off with a soldier - when she left, the Madonna came to life, took her place in the convent until she returned.  She came back, giving up a lucrative career as a singer, and deeply penitent, asked to be forgiven.  Then suddenly the statue was back and Teresa was a nun again - and it rained ending a 4 year long draught - which she caused BTW.  Evidently no one knew she had left in the first place...  Although it was said that the Abbess forbade her to blog ever again, and so the little penitent-nun-former songstress/writer  became an anchoress instead.
This is a true story/legend from Spain which was made into film, and before that had been a play, and before that actually happened.  More information here.


  1. wow, I have been thinking about this movie which I saw many years ago, but could never remember the title. Thank You for sharing this. I went ahead and ordered a copy from Amazon. Really enjoy your blog!

  2. Looks like the Koreans are putting this movie on DVD, and alot cheaper than Amazon VHS. Check out ebay.


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