Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Euteneuer back in the news.

   ARLINGTON, Va. (CN) - A Roman Catholic priest "kissed (a woman) on all parts of her body" during a so-called "exorcism" session, and "frequently explained full, passionate kisses as 'blowing the Holy Spirit into' her," the woman claims in court. 
Jane Doe sued the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, its Bishop Paul Loverde - who is not the priest accused of the abuse - and Human Life International and the HLI Endowment Inc., of Charlottesville, in Arlington County Court. 
Doe claims she was sexually abused repeatedly by her "exorcist," Thomas J. Euteneur, who was president of Human Life International and the HLI Endowment; Euteneur, however, is not named as an individual defendant. 
Doe claims that Euteneur, a Roman Catholic priest, offers "'spiritual deliverance' and the performance of the rite of exorcism," and did it "with the knowledge and consent of the Diocese and the Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde. ... On at least one previous occasion, the Diocese and Bishop Loverde gave permission to Euteneur to conduct an exorcism within the Diocese." - Source
If this crap is true - it is disgusting.  What I found interesting is that the woman signed a document "entitled 'Agreement for spiritual help.' Among many other things, the document defines 'deliverance' as 'the application of the spiritual resources of the Church to persons with demonic infestation in order to liberate them from the influence of unclean spirits.'"

I suppose such a document implies 'consent' for what goes on?  Within reason of course.  Euteneuer admitted he crossed the line and committed violations against chastity.

I wonder if he charged for his services?  Did you know some people charge for 'spiritual direction'?  Not sure if priests do, however.  Religion becomes a business, doesn't it.  Not a question.

Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. - Psalm 146: 3 


  1. Given the sex therapy and every other perversion under the sun pretending to be some kind of good, it's difficult to believe this will stand in court.

    As for the priest, what he did is so incredibly vile given the circumstance as to defy belief, except other priests before him do make it believable.

    Long ago back in 1983 I worked for HLI. I'm sorry to see it get dragged through the mud.

    1. I never would have believed this story if Eutenuer himself hadn't made a public statement.

      HLI will survive this - thanks be to God.

  2. Father Eutenuer did not seem to be a warm personable type, so I wouldn't have believed it either. I suppose this action negates any spiritual advice he had given to me concerning my children. He said that he became an exorcist to fight abortions and then he made some sort of link between the two. Anyway, perhaps he forgot somewhere along the way that Satan was out to get him considering the line of work he was in.

    1. It seems to me his spiritual advice would have been solid in so far as it resonated with your own spirit and inclination and proved to be helpful. His Mass and sacraments would have been valid despite the state of his soul - which we are ignorant of anyway. Only God knows what was going on with him as regards his fall.

  3. Marie7:04 PM

    Let's not forget that HLI not only thanked him for his meritorious service but also allowed him to post this letter as he was "retiring" from HLI:


    Dear Friends of Life,

    Nearly ten years ago I answered the call of the Lord to come to Human Life International and work full-time in pro-life work with the permission of my bishop. I have been utterly privileged to serve this great mission for a decade, and now I am called back to my diocese to continue my priestly service in parish work, which was the original calling of my vocation. A priest is a soldier of Christ and the Church, and obedience is the primary virtue of his state in life, but for my part, my discernment about this decision tells me that this is the right thing for me to do and at the right time. I have great peace about the road that lies ahead and about all that has been accomplished up to this point...

    Depending on who knew what when, this was an abominable act on the part of HLI. At the very least, they knew he was leaving due to accusations, yet allowed him to ramble on about being a soldier for Christ practicing the virtue of obedience. The reality was that he was being recalled due to behaving in the most vile and disgusting manner toward a woman who placed herself into his spiritual care because she honestly thought she was possessed. Ugh.

  4. Marie7:35 PM

    And I just found this press release from HLI in which they clearly state that not only had they known about the accusations but that Euteneuer had admitted to them he had "acted inappropriately", and it was at this point that HLI asked for his resignation and the bishop recalled Euteneuer to FL.


    Yet they allowed the man to post a letter upon same resignation, describing himself as a solder of Christ, practicing the virtue of obedience?!

    HLI has nobody but themselves to thank for any mud they may be dragged through. They behaved shamefully, and I can only imagine how the victim and her family/friends must have felt having to see that letter of his posted on the HLI website after he had admitted to such abuses. Talk about heaping insult upon injury.

  5. I took a Pastoral Studies class a few years ago in the seminary. Apparently spiritual direction could be dispensed at a rate of 50 to 100 bucks an hour. A good priest I knew said that it was not that uncommon but referred to those that charge for such things as no less than "charlatans".

    1. I agree with your good priest Joel.

  6. There is no sphere of life that is not now polluted by efforts to monetize its activity,even the Catholic Church. Kyrie Eleison. Charlatans? I can think of another descriptor. Charity prohibits me from ascribing the appropriate adjective to such endeavours.

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Those HLI Board Members need to go for good! That goes for their spokesman as well!


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