Friday, June 29, 2012

Middle of summer and 4th of July week...

My side of the fence.

Means no one is online reading blogs and I can say what I want to, say what I want to; you would cry too if it happened to you.

My neighbor vandalized my fence again this year.  I was surprised when I got angry about it, even though it wasn't as bad as last year.  Unfortunately, I confronted the husband and wife team, and said some uncharitable things.  I could say even more right now, but I'm trying really, really hard to be forgiving and charitable.  Once again however, because of my tongue, we will probably never speak again... but who wants friends like that anyway?

Minneapolis is the very worst city in the midwest - outside Chicago of course.

Minneapolis is a horrible city to live in, it is getting almost as bad as Chicago, although that may be because the criminals from Chicago move up here since we have tremendous emergency assistance and welfare benefits. 

Anyway - just last week, a little 5 year old baby boy was sleeping on the couch in his living room when he was killed by a stray gun shot which penetrated the side of the house.  Similarly, just a couple of months ago, another little kid was shot in exactly the same way as he was going up the stairs in his house - in the house! - a stray bullet killed him.

Last weekend, people were shot outside a gay bar downtown after closing.  Lately there has been an increase in muggings and attacks downtown - some possibly racially motivated or gang related.  This past week a woman's body was found in a downtown parking ramp - she had been stabbed to death.  Yet police, downtown businesses, the mayor and city council members insist these crimes are 'isolated incidents' and the city is safe.  Who lines their pockets, huh?

Trash - the city is run by trash.

Today I practically gift wrapped yard waste - all according to code - and the garbage collectors did not pick the stuff up - they picked up one bag of waste - probably because it was in a purchased compostable bag - while the other stuff was in ordinary craft bags - which are very much in compliance.  I called the city 3 times already.  You see I'm very, very, very tired of government interference, intervention and control of every effing thing we do, and it is only getting worse.  Do you know what I'm saying?  You can't eat or drink this or that.  You can't dispose of this and that unless it is in a bag made by a company some city inspector probably signed a contract with.  You can't smoke or get fat because you make other people who might look at you, sick.  You must wear a helmet when you ride a bike, and the bike must be licensed and have a light and reflectors.  (And my effing spell-check doesn't work either!) 

Yeah!  So everything is legislated and enforced these days - except the protection of life and morality.  WTF?!


  1. Oh, Terry. I am SO sorry. Why on earth would anyone want to vandalize your fence?? What monstrous behavior.

    It feels like we are living in a police state. We have to keep praying that Romney gets elected. God will not forsake us. I will send up some Aves for you.Feel better mon frere...

    1. Thanks - it's a yearly event now. They complain because the ivy - which is meant to hide an ugly fence, sends trailer across their yard - it does the same thing on my side, but I just prune the trailers and have no problem with it.

  2. Oh, mercy. Ordinary life is an unrelenting crucible sometimes...

  3. Hi Terry - I hear you - I suspect that if you were not alone, they would really not dare bully you this way. your recourse for your own mental state is only to pray for them - but I know how hard that is. I am a ...single, middle-aged, poor woman (odd:plus an artist: And a knitter) many 'strikes against me' in this animal kingdom in which we live. This kind of mean, angry behavior goes on here, too, in a seemingly idlyic little town. no bullets...glares, sneers, the cold-shoulder...
    'kill 'em with kindness' is so easier said than done. lou

  4. Terry

    If you are tired of city government interference then Minneapolis is one of the worst places to live (as you know). I remember when we were cited for a crack in the front steps and a bush that needed trimming. Finally, the city did it themselves and sent the bill. I remember when I first moved there being told that droves of people moved from Gary, Indiana to Minneapolis in the early 1970s. I know that was the time of big change there.

  5. Servus, I think that was late 70's-early '80's as that's when my school was integrated; there simply weren't minorities in my suburb when I was in grade school. In Jr. High there were a few; in High School we had an influx of those escaping Chicago-area gangs, or importing them, as well as boat people, the Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese and Hmong.

  6. Nan, I knew it was the 1970s that saw a big change demographically in Minneapolis. I moved there in 1989. I am sure that much has changed since I lived there. I used to ride the bus down University to St Agnes in "Frogtown" and at the time there were many "Boat people" in that neighborhood. I remember at the time my busline up Chicago to Lake St was considered "Dangerous". THe neighbors always said the cemetery provided a buffer zone between Minnehaha parkway and Lake Street. It's interesting to think that I lived in Minneapolis without a car. I lived in Richfield the first summer I was there across from Augsburg park and rode the bus down nicollet to downtown.

  7. Chicago/Lake has always been considered dangerous; I worked PT at the dome in college and if we went to Huberts afterwards would give rides to an indian and a black guy, since it was on my way to the suburbs. Others were horrified and I was like "What? I'm bringing people to their neighborhood, how dangerous is that?" I was fine.

    Frogtown still has a lot of Hmong; St. Vincent de Paul (now part of the Cathedral), is the Hmong parish and is mere blocks from St. A.

    As of tomorrow, we have St. A's pastor.


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