Saturday, June 05, 2010



  1. What?
    You're doing it again.
    I need to figure this out.

  2. LeoRufus7:34 AM

    What is Miss Jane saying to Daisy Mae Clameptt?

  3. Who?
    Who is miss Jane?
    Who is Daisy Mae Clampitt?
    And who, for petes sake, is the chap in the photo?
    More clues please!

  4. i believe this is Sr Carol Keehan. Google Sr Carol Keehan and find out yourself.

  5. Sister looks like a real estate agent closing a deal.

  6. Clare - so funny - yep it is Sr. Carol Keehan who sold out Catholic hospitals to Obama healthcare. Miss Jane is a character she resembles from an American sitcom, "The Beverly Hillbilly's" - the actresses name was Nacy Kulp or something like that. And the "what?" title is just what a guy usually says when he doesn't know he said something insulting or inappropriate.

  7. oh come on Terry post a clip from the Beverly Hillybilly's ... I'm feeling mighty old ... Reminds me of the questions, "where were you when JFKennedy was shot?"

    Their opening song would timely too ...

    "oil that is, black gold," British Petro "tea"

    "Well now its time to say good-bye to Jed and all his kin...

    You're all invited back again to this locality
    To have a heapin helpin of [Terry's] hospitality ...

  8. Thank you Mr Nelson, you're a gentleman.

  9. And I'm sorry that I mistook the sister for a mister.

  10. It seems that being a working girl in the convent does nothing for one's feminine side...

  11. Ah yes..not all of us can be beauty queens...

    I have a hefty dose of Bavarian German bloodlines..For me makeup and beauty salon, keeps the horses from scaring and little kids from crying.. :)

    But a husband would be proud to brag over a good brew that I could plow 40 acres better than his mule :)


  12. She's gone...and thanks be to God!
    I don't care who got her "docked"...selling out for the butchering of the unborn is unconscionable.


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