Saturday, June 05, 2010

Fr. Gene Tiffany

Father Eugene Tiffany, who serves as director of the Office of Priestly Life and Ministry and as pastor of Holy Spirit in St. Paul has had a stroke.  I heard that he was ill last weekend but didn't think to post about it.  I only just found out what is wrong this evening when I spoke with my pastor after Mass.  I am told he is not receiving visitors but cards may be sent to him via the Chancery in St. Paul.  I have no other concrete information.

Please include him in your prayers, he is a wonderful priest.
If anyone has more up-to-date information, please note it in the comment box.  Thank you.


  1. I just sent you a link to caringbridge. The updates this week indicate that his 38th anniversary of ordination was on the 3rd and that he's transitioning out of ICU.

    I'm told that his stroke was the result of an infection in the pocket his pacemaker was in and he's going to need speech therapy.

  2. Prayers for Fr. from here.

  3. Thanks everyone - and thanks Nan. I also had heard the pacemaker complication caused it - forgot to add it - thanks.


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