Monday, May 31, 2010

Cutie finds his niche.

Alberto Cutie who left the Catholic Church to marry his girlfriend was ordained a priest Saturday for the Episcopal church.  That seems odd - don't they recognize Roman Catholic orders?  Wouldn't Cutie know the difference?
Photo:  Cutie and the Mrs..


  1. I guess he had to get ordained cuz he was probably laicized in the Catholic Church--no longer a priest?

    To folks like him, it's "just a job", it seems. One's as good as the other.

  2. I really dislike him. He single handedly scandalized himself and the Church, them made it to look like it was the fault of the Catholic Church for the celibacy prerequisite.

    In the article they call him "Father Oprah." If he had any self respect, he would recognize that term ("Oprah") to be the single most pejorative label one can apply to him since it suggests that he is the product of some superficial fad that sooner or later will go out of style.

  3. Gette - my thoughts as well - a job.

    Tom - I have a feeling he liked the celebrity aspect of it all.

  4. re: celebrity

    Just like the deacon who left the StP-M parish to form his own religion. I have a suspicion that the celebrity he sought is still a long way off. He is still renting space from another church and they won't even let him put a sign up on the highway.

  5. My biggest question about Cutie is about doctrine. He presented himself as a presenter of/defender of Catholicism, and then jumps into a group that ordains women, ordains openly and active gay people, including to the episcopacy, is pro gay-marriage and is pro-abortion. Does he believe all that now? What did he believe before?


  6. This is so sad.
    I hope Fr. C., sometime soon, realizes his error and repents; with Jesus, anything is possible.

  7. He's going to be a dad in about 6 months.

  8. " ... ordained a priest Saturday for the Episcopal church. That seems odd - don't they recognize Roman Catholic orders? Wouldn't Cutie know the difference? ... "

    If I may, as a life long Episcopalian, set the record straight on this for you and your readers. That headline from the Miami Herald is incorrect. Fr. Cutie was not "ordained" or re-ordained by The Episcopal Church. Cutie's priestly orders were simply recognized and licensed by the Episcopal bishop of Southeast Florida. The Episcopal Church does not re-ordain Roman Catholic priests.

    Further, some of these comments about Fr. Cutie are presumptuous and offend against charity. If a Roman Catholic priest finds that he can no longer publicly support the position of his church on some important issues, including that of clerical celibacy, it is not at all dishonorable for him to transfer into a church more suitable to his views and which will provide an opportunity for his continuing ministry.

  9. Thanks Robert - I thought that would have been the case. I apologize for the lack of charity in commenting on this matter. Most Catholics still view this as leaving the Church, not unlike what happened when the Church of England broke with Rome. I think it is still referred to as apostasy.

  10. Do you suppose that he will reimburse the Church for the free education they gave him?

    My aunt was Dean of Students and later President of the College of St. Scholastica in the 60s.

    They had large numbers of women who entered the order went through postulancy, novitiate and all that and after they got their college degree, they just left. Thank you very much.

    They stopped taking women unless they had a college degree first. That's one of the reasons for the decrease in the number of nuns in the U.S.

  11. "If a Roman Catholic priest finds that he can no longer publicly support the position of his church on some important issues, including that of clerical celibacy, it is not at all dishonorable for him to transfer into a church more suitable to his views and which will provide an opportunity for his continuing ministry."

    How you can characterize the actions of Alberto Cutie as someone who left the Catholic priesthood after having some benign epiphany is baffling to me. This guy's exodus into the Episcopal church began with a paparazzi. He was caught frolicking in the sand with his girlfriend on the beach, and the photos of this escapade went up everywhere. He scandalized his local parish, the laity, and the Church. When the heat from HIS OWN actions intensified, of course he left the Catholic Church. Now, Mr. Zacher, perhaps you can defend him by pointing out to me where the honorable and truthful Christian discernment in that can be found? I have NO problem - and even respect - with anyone leaving the priesthood or any religious orders for any reason they deem sufficient, as long as that departure is done scrupulously and honorably. But don't characterize as "uncharitable" the criticism of an individual whose deliberate deception got him thrown out of the Catholic Church.

  12. Terry: a public figure, an ordained Catholic priest who leaves the priesthood of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church under these circumstances is scandalous to the Catholic faithful; whether or not one agrees with his position(s). There is no lack of charity here in making this very clear.
    This man has a lot to account for; this may not sound particularly fair or charitable.
    But his actions could lead others to leave the Church or other priests to follow suit (if they are so inclined). That's the scandal.
    And, the teaching of the Church is that if you knowingly leave Her, your eternal salvation is at risk.
    This is different for people born and raised in other Christian denominations unless they know that the Catholic Church is the True Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ; then, they have a moral obligation, by their own conscience, to join the Catholic Church.
    Sorry if that offends anyone.

  13. And, as an aside: I believe apostasy is a post-baptismal rejection of the truths of the Faith, 'in toto'...I'm not sure Fr. C. exactly fits that's more like heresy/schism (rejecting certain teachings and abjuring the obedience to the proper and legitimate authority (the Holy Father and bishop)...)...not to be picky-unish...
    It does not sounds like Fr. C. is rejecting Christianity "per se" but the legitimate authority of the Roman Church and some of her teachings (same sex marriage, contraception, etc.).
    If he was an "apostate" he would reject all Christian teaching and become a Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, etc.
    But he's still in dire spiritual trouble, no doubt.
    Not because he sinned.
    But, as you say, Terry, he "rationalized" his sin (illicit sexual relationship with a woman contrary to his promise of celibacy) and officially left the Catholic priesthood and Catholic Church. Hde made a solemn promise at his ordination as a deacon to embrace celibacy "for the sake of the Kingdom of God." That is no light matter; in failing to live this, he is no different than a man committing himself to marriage with a woman, and then committing adultery.
    Whether or not you believe in priestly celibacy, for a man to make a commitment to consecrated celibacy and then to flagrantly commit a sin against his solemn promise is a grave sin. Better to have not made this promise at all.
    Or to have repented and moved on.
    And, as another aside, his sinful behavior is not the problem.
    His public disavowal of the Catholic Church is the problem.
    A BIG problem.
    The Catholic Church, including priests, is full of sinners...that's why we have the Sacrament of Penance (I try to avail myself to the wondrous Sacrament weekly...I know how much I need God's grace)'s the public and continuous rejection of the Church's discipline and teaching that is the major problem here...

  14. Thanks for clearing that up Father.

    I pretty much just apologized for making fun of him.

  15. Larry D: Meow. LOL

    I want to apologize for that earring I'm wearing in that shot. I don't know what I was thinking!

  16. Omigosh Cath! That is you - I didn't even notice before. Looks like Cutie wants to touch it.

  17. I only know that Fr. Cutie himself has said publicly that he had been considering a move into The Episcopal Church for a considerable time before the beach photographs became public. I don't know Cutie personally, and at present I have no way of verifying the truth of his statement in that regard.

    I certainly, among a host of others this world, am aware of the claims of the Roman Catholic Church to be, as nazareth priest says, " ... the One True Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ ... " but that doesn't lead me or many others to any moral compulsion to join it. After all, the Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses and others make the same claim, don't they? I won't be joining up with them either.

    What I do know for a fact is that when Fr. Cutie was received into The Episcopal Church he was asked if he believed that it was part of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Cutie then promised to obey the worship, doctrine and discipline of The Episcopal Church as a priest. I'm sorry, I find no scandal in any of that.

  18. Robert, like any other liar and cheater, one should take Cutie's promises with a grain of salt; he had previously made promises of celibacy and obedience but broke them. Only upon being caught did he claim to have been thinking of becoming Episcopal.

    I would be wary of any promises this man makes to his wife or to his new church as he has shown that he doesn't keep promises; he cheated and lied before, why wouldn't he do the same in these new relationships?


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