Monday, May 31, 2010


I love this scene.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    How do you find these things?! It felt like a visual jack chick track! LOL

  2. The "illuminated" vestments reminds me of one summer in Musical Theatre as an engineering student...we were working on a adaptation of Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor DreamCoat, and I "engineered" every single costume to have lighting halos with little sheep figurines going round and round... the Joseph coat was a sight to behold :)

    For some reason this incredible accomplishment never made it into my engineering resume.. :)

    If any of our esteemed clergy is interested I could "illuminate" a cape or vestments.. would be quite stunning during nightime processionals :)

    Yeah yeah--see ya in Confession :)


  3. Anonymous3:03 PM


  4. Aceman5:54 PM

    I loved the thurifers cottas! Maybe I can convince my rector, he's got a "no lace" policy, ahhh, one can only dream...

  5. my favorite part was the thurifers ... reminds me of tallulah bankhead's comment, "great dress but your purse is on fire."

  6. I've watch you post these videos before, but I've never been able to appreciate them as the above commenters. If anything, they seem BIZARRE, off-the-wall, and extravagant. This video seems like a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Nutcracker.

  7. Bizarre is the right word Tom.

  8. michael r.9:25 AM

    Surreal might be a better description. It is a little masterpiece of that genre of film making.

  9. I agree Michael - that is a better description. I always think of this scene when reading a couple of other blogs that are rather attached to cappa magnas and lace. Nothing wrong with that of course.

  10. This looks like a formation weekend with our laity, religious and priests (LOL!...just kidding!!)...can you pick out Sr. Petra here :<)!! (She'll KILL me if she reads this!!).
    Thanks, Terry!

  11. Hard to believe, but Fellini was a Catholic!!! I agree with Georgette; looks like it was directed by Jack Chick, or some Freemason, or someone in need of an exorcism.

    Still had to laugh tho. It's a famous scene in that movie, but I never saw it 'til now.


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