Saturday, June 05, 2010

Random photos of the yard

Terrible photos, I know - looks like I'm pretty shaky in the morning huh? Hung over or too much coffee - well since I no longer drink - it's gotta be the coffee - or the years have been that tough on me. So anyway, I'm just showing off my yard work and hedge trimming - I cut the pines way back to form a nice undulating hedgerow - but they need a couple of more years to be nicely level. The grass looks terrible - but I'll take care of that soon.

Anyway - the alley photo shows a mystery - several hosta are missing! Did someone steal them or did they winter kill? Even the new day lily I received from the Duchess of Idaho never came up. I blame the Asian lady down the block - she scavenges. I should do a post someday about my strange neighbors. There are only a couple I think are normal or cool - the others not so much.

(I had the flag out for Memorial Day.)
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  1. Obviously, the hostae disappeared because you didn't name them and provide them with protective eyewear.

    What a beautiful yard. How do you find the time, what with this being Pride month and all?

  2. +JMJ+

    You have a beautiful yard, Terry. =) My pitbull and I would love to hang out there, but your cats would probably run us out.

  3. wow...

    If you had a green yard like that here in Utah the cops would think you were growing dope...

    Only one of my hostas made it through the winter...but it was my favorite one :) I probably need to mulch more....

    Sunshiny and 80..:0 wonderful day for the Pride parade :)


  4. You funny too Sara! LOL! ;)

  5. Wonderful! Marie-Antoinette would have loved it!

  6. Aceman5:30 PM

    It is a beautiful yard Terry, honestly it is. I hope you've got the Rainbow Flag out for Pride Month. :-) Ace

  7. Lots of Rainbow Flags here today...

    Even the politicians marched..check the photo gallery.

    Yes..even in Utah...


  8. The Hosta's are beautiful, and a very nice trim job on the bushes--you can come and demonstrate your skill in my yard at any time :) What a beautiful and peaceful home you have.

  9. Dear Mr. Nelson,


    No shrine to Our Lady?

    I'm surprised you don't have one.


  10. Pablo - I do - I have one for St. Joseph - the patron of the house, and Our Lady. I'll post them another time for you to see. God bless!


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