Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Paul VI on Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I've been considering the Apostolic Letter Investigabiles Divitas Christi of Paul VI on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as we begin the month of June.  The following is an excerpt:
"This, therefore, seems to us to be the most suitable ideal: that devotion to the Sacred Heart - which, we are grieved to say, has suffered somewhat in the estimation of some persons, - now reflourish daily more and more.  Let it be esteemed by all as an excellent and acceptable form of true piety, which in our times, especially because of the norms laid down in the Second Vatican Council, must be rendered to Christ Jesus, 'the king and center of all hearts, who is the head of the body the Church... the beginning, the first born from the dead, that in all things he may have first place.'" - Paul VI, 1965
Sometimes I think there is a strong undercurrent present amongst some Catholics to discredit anything coming out of Vatican II or promulgated by Pope Paul VI.  That is too bad.


  1. Regarding Vatican II and Paul VI: If anyone would actually read any of the documents from the Second Vatican Council or the works of Paul VI, they'd be quite surprised to find a deep and full affirmation of all of Church history, and an optimistic voice calling us the faithful to love one another regardless the times.

    I've heard it said that there are now 2 churches, that the Church is divided. I agree, but I believe that it is 3...the radical progressive church wishing to destroy tradition and march into the world of secularism; the traditionalists desiring to restore the Church to her former glory before Vatican II; and the One True Church, accepting and proclaiming truth in the here and now she finds herself, neither looking backward nor divining a compromised future, understanding that truth is eternal.

    I am of the third group.

  2. Gina - wonderful comment. I am of the third group as well - you stated this beautifully. For a short time I was too much influenced by the 1st and 2nd group in succesion - the 2nd group slightly more insidious as it casts doubt upon everything and generates a negative culture.

    Beautifully stated however - thanks much!

  3. Gina, great comment! Count me among the third group.

  4. Terry & Angela, thanks for the kudos.

    Terry, in regards to having been influenced---I so know what you mean. Of course the progressives are not my faves, at least they are immediately recognizable in five minutes of conversation. It's those traditionalists that you really have to watch out for, because they blend in sooo well.

    We talked about this very subject last night in my prayer group--how that "satan's gonna getcha, better bathe in holy water" attitude doesn't bring people into the fullest relationship with Christ and His Church. While I appreciate their zeal, and to a point can agree that yes, evil is alive and well and hiding around every corner to trick us into sin, I can't help but ask: if that's the sole object of one's focus, how can one ever know and love the Lord?

    Not to mention that many traditionalists are in outright rebellion against Rome (SSPX, Bayside, Holy Love, etc.)

    OK, off soapbox :)

    I love your blogs, your art, and your point of view. Glad to have stumbled upon your work on a day of random surfing some time ago!

  5. To the horror of any "traddies"...our Association of the Faithful takes as a founding document Pope Paul VI's sermon at Nazareth (in the LOH, thank you very much!)...but for those who love the Church, 'in toto', pre-during-post Vatican II (which is Catholic, as far as I'm concerned) they "get it"...thanks for the reference.
    Will use it during this month of the Sacred Heart.

  6. Father - I very much like Paul VI. Thanks.


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