Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oh hell - now that's-a-cute.

Now this I like.
Father has really got a business going.  He won me over.
Very clever Vincenzo.


  1. That could really be taken the wrong way.

  2. Are you, ah, from, say, Minne-SOOO-ta, dere, hey?
    CUUUUte, well, yah, maybe, dere.
    Okay, so.
    Leave it to ya, okay, now?
    (There is also a Wisconsin version; you must pay the monastic community to which I belong for the rights to the said "dialect"; $25 a pop; yeah).

  3. Since I work in a government facility religious -themed coffee mugs are not appropriate..
    However us dorky engineers do come up with some real humorous ones... a few years back I had one with Bill the Cat sticking his finger in an electrical outlet (I am by trade an electronics engineer)..our Safety guy was not amused...


  4. Thom - now after your comment Sr. Joan and Fr. McBrien are going to want one.


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