Monday, April 26, 2010

Prickly Heat

I guess her tub overflowed or something.


  1. Yep--that's me on a Sat night, in the tub, even with reading glasses :) Except I'm usually soaking up the latest trashy romance novel...:)

    That's why I don't blog--my day-to-day life is too mundane to write about :)

    One of my married friends at work asked me what I did this past weekend...probably expecting some wild swinging single escapade....nope, inside and outside cleanup..wait I DID have a beer...and framed a couple of pictures....wowzo..he was quite disappointed...I guess he was expecting to live vicariously through me.. :)

    This weekend is pedicure :) Whee :)


  2. oh oh oh..My absolute favorite SCTV comedy sketch ever. I had forgotten about it.


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