Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Shepherd Sunday

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Just a few random remarks.
Last Sunday was Good Shepherd Sunday in the Extraordinary Form, although it is Good Shepherd Sunday this Sunday in the Ordinary Form - Novus Ordo to some.  That is fine, but it's kind of confusing sometimes - it seems to me the liturgical calender should be the same for both forms.  I know - it's a petit point.
Sometimes I wonder with all the texting and blogging and emailing people do - without worrying about spelling* and often abbreviating words - if language is beginning to suffer?
Errors Catholics have about Catholicism - another Henry Karlson post I like - it's sort of his little syllabus I suppose.  A top ten list of things some Catholics don't know how to explain and so they say things like:
1) We don’t worship Mary

... - We do - it's called hyperdulia.
2) We don’t pray to Mary
... - We do.
3) We don’t worship the saints
... - We do, it's called dulia.
4) We don’t pray to the saints
... - We do..
5) The “Latin Mass” was the original form of the Mass
... - Nope.
6) We have to believe everything taught by the Pope
... - Not really.
7) There can be, and are, no married priests
... - Yes, yes, and yes there are Fr. Dwight. Link to Vox Nova
We all make mistakes.
From time to time I notice errors in the manner I express something too - I'm always afraid to mislead anyone on my blog so I try to be as vigilant as possible and check and re-check facts.  I welcome corrections and happily remove posts if they are at all misleading or inaccurate.  Even if a professor of theology were to tell me something I had doubts about I would go to the source and check the facts, and research the matter using other reliable references, academic and theological as well as spiritual.  As St. Paul warns, "even if an angel of light were to appear..."  (Hence, it goes without saying I also dismiss Internet mystics.)   
However, there are little errors bloggers sometimes make as well - usually they are oversights.  Once I came across a post on gossip and the author said that gossip was a mortal sin.  That is not always true of course.  Another blogger, in trying to make a point about I forgot what, stated that the Passion of Christ isn't important, it is the Resurrection that is (important).   Unfortunately that statement misses.
These are petit points, but they stick in a reader's mind, especially if one happens to be new to the faith or rather impressionable.  It doesn't mean one is looking for errors, sometimes they just jump out at you.  Once I was looking for a quote by a saint and by chance came across a post about his writings that wasn't quite accurate.  All of us must keep in mind the Catholic blogosphere is not the Magisterium.  Even priests don't always know what they are talking about when it comes to saints and devotions and the like.  (Don't get me started on nuns.)
I'll never forget this one priest in Chicago at some Catholic church hosting a visit of a weeping statue of the Mystical Rose.  I stopped there with a friend as we returned from seeing JPII in Michigan.  My friend asked the priest to bless his scapular - something you don't have to do by the way if you have already been enrolled in the Confraternity and are replacing a worn out scapular.  Anyway - the priest refused explaining it couldn't be a scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel because it didn't have any pictures on it.  He still refused to bless it after we explained it was made by Carmelite nuns and images are not required on a scapular - just the medal - making it clear that it is the woolen aspect of the cloth scapular which comprises the habit.  No can do.  Interestingly enough, the Felician nun that was with him told us Cardinal Bernardin was evil and part of the Jewish Masonic Bankers conspiracy to establish the New World Order - Novus Ordo seclorum in Latin.
Get my point?
Art: The Blind Beggar - Jules Bastien Lepage  (The dog looks like a sheep.)
*LOL - I first published this without using spell check.  Does this mean I'm bad?


  1. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. I'm not a bad speller--just a bad typist :)

    I have two takes on emails--the work-related ones, which should be professional just as any other work correspondence should be professional--and emails and blog posts which are essentially chitter-chat among friends.The work emails shold be well-thought out and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar issues before sent..notes to friends I don't so much worry about. Plus at work I usually have a secretary type up my really official papers, and he is much faster and accurate at typing than I am ( yes I have a guy secretary :)

    Anything on the Internet and blogosphere I take with a grain of salt, even journalists are so quick to post the scoop that oftentimes not enough detailed research is done. Quotes are provided but ofentimes sources are not. Anything that is of my opinion I readily state so, oftentimes lovingly call it "The Gospel according to Sara."

    One final point on Catholicism...folks who know me know that my journey to Catholicism took a rather twisty road...and it was because of the very things that Terry stated...people couldn't explain their Catholic faith, and those who could gave conflicting answers.. often I was in areas such as the Middle East where folks kinda had their own "flavor" so to speak, mainly because you got to see a priest maybe once every couple of months and you had to "make do." Once serious error that took along time to udo was Confession. Confession wasn't necessary because the priest absolved everyone's sins during Mass, I was told. So I read alot, studied alot on my own,talked to alot of people, and tried to make sense of a religion that didn't seem to have any consistency at all...I was used to being Protestant and having very strick rules...and there was no "Catholicism for Dummies" back then...I did have one kind little old lady teach me how to say the Rosary, so at least I learned that right :)

    God Bless... Sara

  3. No,I think the dog in the picture is a standard poodle.

  4. Sandy - I believe you are correct - I love this painting so much.


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