"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


These are the topiary I trimmed - the top one perched on the bombe style base is a myrtle tree. It had become root bound the winter before last and appeared to be dead, I cut back the roots and pruned back the limbs as they do when pollarding a large tree. The tree grew back sufficiently last summer and winter permitting a nice hair-cut to reshape it into a ball topiary. The rosemary is nearest the cistern, and the olive stands off alone. To me they look like little old ladies in a nursing home who just got a wash 'n' cut and a tight new perm.

If anyone feels so inclined, you might contact Fr. Z and let him know Penjing - who seems to be ailing - just might need some root pruning as did my myrtle. (I don't name my plants BTW - they are what they are.)
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  1. What a lovely--green--yard. In Utah, everything is nice and green in the Spring--but then living in a desert, the grass, and plants suffer in the heat--my favorite is the myrtle--I sorta like that name...hmmmm...perhaps if I get another corgi dog--I shall name her myrtle, or maybe rosemary, or even olive would be a great name--no wonder your plants remind you of old ladies :)

  2. Maria6:39 PM

    Terry--You are too funny. Where are the blue haired?

  3. Mr.Nelson,

    Thank you, mucho appreciado.

    God be with you.



  4. Yes--what lovely lush green garden..Our ongoing spring storm is wrecking havoc on everything around here...and temps in the 40's..bbrrr...

    Plus our Utah mountains got a sprinkling of snow last night...


  5. Terry, I have some jealousy, here.
    Yep, have to admit it.
    Every plant I touch dies...doesn't matter what the heck I do.
    You have the "green finger", yeah?
    It's a gift.
    Everything I touch dies...well, not everything...God's grace works wonders in these poor, pitiful priest's hands, praise Him!:<)!

  6. If you put up a bird feeder and aim a camera at it, I'll send you $2!!!

    Nazareth Priest: It's the rabbit dung fertilizer that Ter uses.

  7. The myrtle is about 20 years old.

    Cath - lets just have coffee again.

  8. Austringer12:34 PM

    Beautiful, Terry! Obviously your gift for creating beauty extends far beyond the easel.

  9. CofA: No rabbit with any kind of sense would set foot in our yard...the hounds have taken over:<)!
    So THAAAAT'S the secret...must remember...rabbit dung!

  10. Maria9:56 PM

    Hear, hear Austringer...
    Padre--growing souls aint easy work, right?

  11. Ter: I'd love to have coffee again! Gosh, now we could even sit outside!

  12. Maria:
    I feel like an old "dad"...maybe even a grandpa (I'm old enough now)...*sigh* I read in one of Card. Schoenborn's meditations for the Pope (JPII) that the builders of the cathedrals did not have the expectation to see the finished "result" of their work; they did the exact mission they were to executed to carry out; this has been a revelation to me: just carry out the excavation and leave it to the Lord. Hope is undying. Jesus is Lord!


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