Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The reform of good holy shepherds...
"I tell you further: the more the mystic body of holy Church is filled with troubles now, the more it will abound in delight and consolation.  And this shall be its delight: the reform of good holy shepherds who are flowers of glory, who praise and glorify my name, offering me the fragrance of virtue rooted in truth.  This is the reform of the fragrant blossoming of my ministers and shepherds - not that the fruit of this bride needs to be reformed, because it never spoils nor is diminished by the sins of its ministers.  So be glad, you and your spiritual father and my other servants, in your bitterness.  For I, eternal Truth, promise to refresh you, and after your bitterness I will give you consolation, along with great suffering, in the reform of holy Church." - Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue; The Way of Perfection, Chp. 12


  1. I love Katie Siena. She's "A" (not "the") patron saint of firefighters and of people with eating disorders and of my Katie Siena.

    My Kate watched Obama on her computer last night and she began to sob.(I've never seen her do that before.) She watched something about Obama and his views on abortion and infantcide (sp). Now if a 'challanged" person finds you to be an evil man then there isn't going to be any excuse for the rest of us if and when we should begin to be tested by the Obama fires.

    Sorry - off subject a little.

  2. Maria8:25 PM

    Belinda: I think you are on to something there--lol. Lord.

    Terry--You are always so on the money. This is so great. Sometimes I think that people forget God is in charge, that Holy Spirit will lead us, that " he is with us until the consummation of the world".

    Hardon SJ understood this--you must think me mad. I quote him all the time because he has had such a profound impact on me--

    "As we look into our hearts we must humbly confess that truly, we have sinned, sinned often, sinned deeply, sinned willfully.

    But God is good. He gives us the privilege of not only expiating what we have done wrong, but actually becoming more pleasing to Him by our penance and reparation.

    It was no pious statement that St. Paul gave us when he said, "Where sin abounded, grace has even more abounded." In other words, in God's providence, He allows us to sin so we might repent and become saints".

  3. Maria - I love Fr. Hardon as well - I'm convinced he is a saint.

    Belinda - Obama makes me want to cry sometimes too - I just can't understand how or why he got elected. God bless Kate.

  4. Maria6:54 PM

    Terry--I am completely convinced of the same. Declared a Servant of God, I trust he is on his way...I love the photos of him that are posted...


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