Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon Brown and the Bigot.

This is the funniest photo ever.  Gordon Brown just called this woman a bigot.  ROFLOL!  I think she has the same expression my readers sometimes get after they read my posts.  I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
Story here.


  1. Here you go Mr.T

    it's a kleened holster!

    <a href=">I love graphs!</a>

  2. Her expression just cracks me up!

  3. Actually, he referred to her as a bigot when he was back in his car. He was still wearing a mic and so some media representatives heard what he said. The woman, however, didn't. She heard about it later, though, and was not a happy camper.



  4. Michael I actually knew that but went with the headline and photo - I was bad - but I did link to the original story. I can't help but think you've had her same expression after reading some of my posts. LOL! I just love the look on her face. I'm still laughing.

    God bless!

  5. +JMJ+

    Terry, I assure you that I have a very different (though equally hilarious) look on my face after reading some of your posts!

  6. Enbrethiliel - I wish people would have video cams on when they read my posts - I can only imagine the looks on your faces.

  7. Oh, my gosh--that IS sooo funny!

  8. Actually, Terry, I am moved to either comtemplative prayer or complete hysterical, uncontrolled laughter...that facial expression is confined to finding "dog doo" when I come down the stairs in the morning:<)!


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