Friday, April 30, 2010

Support our troops!

This is so great!  Our guys in Afghanistan.


  1. I saw this last night. I am so glad that you found it.

  2. Yeah, Paul, between the heart stopping, brain shaking blast waves of IEDs when they are out on patrol, sewing up the injured and watching their a**ses ever time they go into the kill zone, never mind anywhere else outside of camp. Yeah, musta been when they were bored.

    Mother of a Soldier in Afghanistan

  3. Good for them!
    A real "stress reliever"...may they all be kept safe in the mantle of our Lady's ever loving arms.

  4. The original "Telephone" video is on Lady GaGa's website...

    May be a bit risque for some of our more sensitive readers..but there is a bit of a jab in it about some of the press's allogations that she is actually a transvestite..

    She and Beyonce really work well together..

    But the Afghanistan troops sure did a wonder parody of it, including the outrageous costumes she wears :)


  5. Fabulous! I've nicked that for my blog too, with a bonus British offering from a few years back.
    Great stuff!

  6. Sorry, Angela, I didn't mean it in that way.

  7. Maria, dear, where are you?
    I miss you, dear.
    Just wondering and hoping you are okay. FrJM

  8. Please tell me Angela that your son is not in this video! :-)

  9. It looks like "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been removed already at the troop level.

    Has anybody run this through

    The only good thing to say about repealing DADT and putting women on subs is that there basically aren't any real military threats to the U.S. We could pulverize the attackers in ten minutes should they try a major attack.

    What we have to worry about now is our governments starting wars to extend/protect American hegemony in which your sons, brother, cousins and neighbors might die.

  10. Cathy- it's NOT Luke LOL!

  11. Paul - I knew you were just kidding - you could have left the comment.

    Ray - you know this is a spoof right?

  12. What fun! I love the men who serve in our military. They probably often feel forgotten, though. You can encourage our troops by posting this prayer request to your blog's side panel.

    May the Lord bless each and every man and woman who serves us in the military.
    Many Blessings!
    A Mom


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