Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was pruning one of my topiaries and made bunches of rosemary to place around the house. The aroma fills the place.
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  1. The scent of rosemary is most delightful.

  2. Lovely, Terry.

    From a website:

    Commercially cultivated and dried rosemary leaves come from Spain, France, Morocco, and Tunisia. The leaves have essential oils which contain tannin and resin. The origin of this herb’s name is woven into folklore. It is said that the Virgin Mary had draped her cloak over this bush and placed a white flower on top of her cloak. In the morning the flower turned blue and thereafter the plant was called Rose of Mary.

  3. I WUV the smell of rosemary.
    And even more WUV it in chicken and other dishes.
    Rosemary rocks!

  4. I love the little wall niche..

    Is the wall faux-decorative (I think that's what it's called) painted or textured plaster?? My sis-in-law the architect does the textured plaster on walls and it is amazing...I've attended a couple of classes at Home Depot on how to do the faux-decorative painting as I love the way it looks..but I'm too scared to try any of it in my I have plain-jane cream walls :)

    I DID do a texture ceiling in one of my friends kitchen for a remodel project, but it took alot of practice to get it looking right...I practiced in my garage so it has a very uh INTERESTING ceiling..



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