Friday, April 16, 2010

My email to Cardinal George.

Dear Cardinal George,
I am writing to express my sadness over the conduct of Fr. Michael Pfleger and the scandal he is causing by his public statements (ordination of women) and sacrilegious liturgies (Holy Thursday) which have been published throughout the Catholic Internet. Unfortunately his recent apology is perceived to be disingenuous and obsequious at best. His conduct and method certainly appears to fall short of the decorum proper to a Roman Catholic priest.
I hope and pray these errors may be corrected.
Thank you.
Respectfully yours,
Terrance J. Nelson
I will be sure and post any reply I might receive.
If you would like to contact the Cardinal, email him:
If you are uncertain what the fuss is all about, check out American Papist.


  1. Excellent.
    And a "model" for contacting bishops.
    Get to the point. State your case.
    Be brief. And don't be "hystrionic" (most bishops don't take well to that!...believe me, I know!).
    Thanks, Terry!

  2. I agree with N.P.

    A beautiful and respectful letter, Terry.

    I'm going to pass it on to my "superiors."

    And I acknowledge you because it takes grace to write a letter like that when your first impulse might have been like mine: to throw a bomb!

  3. Well said, and let us pray, well received.

  4. And wait, there's more:
    He's retracted his previous statement.

  5. I meant to write this on the previous post, but dolgarnitt...
    if a priest even gets accused, not necessarily with certainty, of abusing a minor, he's out; his name get spread all over the place and he's toast.
    This clown gets to do and say whatever the hell he wants to, and nobody does a thing.
    Go figure.
    Double standard if I ever saw one.
    Lucky Pfleger.
    He's the "golden boy" it looks like.
    Too bad for the faithful in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

  6. Good one. Raymond Arroyo just covered this on TV so many are aware now.


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