Monday, April 12, 2010

Good pope, bad pope.

More at WDTPRS.


  1. "Roza Ferox"4:39 PM

    All this stuff becomes very heavy indeed. Am trying to get my head up off my hands. Such darkness and pain. All about. Have seen too much bad stuff before my nose, sniffing it out without wanting to sniff it out. No room for a mystic. They don't know what to do with a mystic, I'm told. Rejected. Abandoned. So all the stuff about money going here or there is probably more the reality, and those souls seeking other and have but pennies to offer, have no place.

    Yes, am praying for Pope Benedict. Praying for truth, and also for priests who understand more of the spiritual life than administration and budget. But the debates don't help the seeker who is now found in the bottom of the cistern, in the dark, seeking a way up and out into light.

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Flatulence? On the part of WDTPRS or the original articles? I am confused.

  3. Yes, I was wondering the same as Anonymous. Truthfully, I think it's some of both, but not necessarily on that particular post.

  4. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.
    The "blame-game" re: the Popes is not helpful here, at all.
    We have no idea of all that has gone on other than what reliable sources are able to tell us.
    Prayer and penance are the only means to drive out the "devils" that have become so evident in this whole mess.

  5. Father - Thank you! That is exactly what I meant. Even dragging in Paul VI and John XXIII and Pius XII - that kind of stuff doesn't help anything.


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