Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vocations: This is so beautiful - The Sisters of the Valley ...

“We believe that one day science will prove that there’s actually a transference of energy where we do our prayers with the medicine, and that travels with the medicine to the people." - Sister Kate, OC*

I would love to be their chaplain.

*OC - Order of Cannabis


  1. They look happy and...mellow.

  2. I think a nice long retreat there on their convent grounds would do me well ... I so could wile away the hours. ;)

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  4. Wow - far out ! so thanks to this now I know how to score: On Etsy !
    See: Again, This is why Abbey Roads is my first choice for news.
    plus; their products are even harvested with holiness. I am such an old hippie at heart....and you would be a Great chaplain, Terry. But I suspect Gabby would miss her garden and rabbits...

  5. We should note that these "nuns" are not an approved Catholic order...nor are they even Catholic.

    From a Washington Post article: "While the Sisters are honest about being neither Catholic nor traditionally religious, they are rather coy about their relationship to nunhood. “We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine, it’s a prayerful environment. It’s a prayerful time,” Kate told ABC."

    1. Haha! I knew that and I'm hoping most people do too. The way the habit thing began is really weird - she showed up to a protest dressed like a nun and was so touched by how people treated her and trusted her. A sort of benign understanding of deception I suppose - which inspired their 'order'. I bet it only makes sense if you're stoned. LOL!

    2. I understood you joking from the start, Terry. The name of their order was a big clue. 😆
      Still, if they made brownies with that "extra something" I am in to make a purchase since I have been told they are really good.

    3. Haha! I can't leave the story alone and did a new post.

      God bless them!


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