Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Miracle in the Snow ...


  1. Amen! When I first read your other post about the Mass celebrated in the snow, I thought of our merciful Lord being among his faithful ones. What a blessing!

  2. Terry,

    Did you read this? I just read it on NEW ADVENT.

    1. I got goose bumps reading that! It is so scriptural - so beautiful. Years and years ago I was at Notre Dame for a Charismatic Conference - I walked into the church for adoration, hundreds of young people filled the church, many sitting and kneeling around the altar - on the steps, with the Blessed Sacrament exposed - it reminded me of the gospel scenes on the hillsides, when Jesus had everyone recline and sit while he taught them and fed them.

      This Mass in the snow is just like that. This incident - with the young people and priest renews our youth! It renews our faith.

      Thanks for pointing this out Yaya!

  3. I saw that Yaya - how beautiful ! what wonderful young people -


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