Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Allow yourself to be found ...

To be loved.

In the light of this love, which is strong as death (cf. Song 8:6), the real poor are revealed as those who refuse to see themselves as such. They consider themselves rich, but they are actually the poorest of the poor. This is because they are slaves to sin, which leads them to use wealth and power not for the service of God and others, but to stifle within their hearts the profound sense that they too are only poor beggars. The greater their power and wealth, the more this blindness and deception can grow. It can even reach the point of being blind to Lazarus begging at their doorstep (cf. Lk 16:20-21). Lazarus, the poor man, is a figure of Christ, who through the poor pleads for our conversion. As such, he represents the possibility of conversion which God offers us and which we may well fail to see. Such blindness is often accompanied by the proud illusion of our own omnipotence, which reflects in a sinister way the diabolical “you will be like God” (Gen 3:5) which is the root of all sin. - Pope Francis, Message for Lent

Allow yourself to be found ... out.

I like this: " ...the real poor are revealed as those who refuse to see themselves as such."

When there are no more lies ...

When you're down and they're counting 
When your secrets, all found out 
When your troubles, take to mounting 
When the map you have, leads you to doubt 
When there's no Information and the compass turns 
To nowhere that you know well

When the doctor failed to heal you 
When no medicine chest, can make you well 
When no counsel, leads to comfort 
When there are no more lies, they can tell 
No more useless information and the compass spins 
The compass spins between Heaven and Hell - Sting 

Allow yourself to be found.

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