Wednesday, January 27, 2016

OC Sisters of the Valley seek Paypal Approval.

ARCNews reports O.Cann. Lay Associates (shown above)
presented the request for Paypal Approval
at the Wednesday audience.

O. Cann. Foundresses 
Ora - labora is their motto -
their work is their prayer.

They like to describe their way of life as 'spiritual, but not religious' - which may explain why they have so many vocations.

One of the foundresses is from the Wisconsin monastery of Perpetual Inhalation, in the very fertile area known as the Coulee Region just outside La Crosse ... they were a strictly cloistered and contemplative community.

Sadly, and mysteriously, the La Crosse monastery had to be suppressed.


  1. Bahahaha!

    We all ought to offer a "burnt offering to the Lord" man!

    1. I did this just for you.

    2. I'm grateful. I needed a laugh.

      Even religious use performance enhancing drugs. Locutions are hard to fake day in and day out you know.

  2. I just totally love how your mind works. LOL


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