Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Count of Mont Amis ...

Works for me.

"There is a love, of sorts: it is love of self, love for oneself. That narcissist idolatry that leads them to betray others, that leads them to abuse of trust. " - Pope Francis

At my last confession Fr. told me I should start examining myself as to who is Lord of my life.

Could the Internet be?  Do I spend too much time on it?  Does it command all of my 'devotion'?  Is the lap top a sort of 'home altar'?  (I'm glad I don't have a tablet or smart phone!)

I always think of the Gospel passage: "How can you believe when you accept praise from one another?"

Contemplative saints, such as Margaret Mary and Therese always cautioned against self-love, seeking affirmation and praise ...  Which brings me to the count ... the follower's app.

Somehow, I got sucked into watching it and checking stats.  I used to not notice - yet the wider my territorial spread, the more I began to pat attention.  (I'm on Tumbler now as well as Etsy.  The etsy thing is more like an estate sale than anything - as well as another place to get rid of my art.)

"Never take a man for your example no matter how holy he may be, for the devil will show you his faults." -
John of the Cross

The followers app is weird though.  It fluctuates so much - which is why I never really valued it so much.  Although, since last weekend I noted one app went from 291 to 267.  And then, and then ... I started wondering why.  Is it something I said?  (LOL!)

You will soon be deceived if you only regard the outward show of men. - Imitation, Bk. II, Chp. 7:3

The thing is - over the years it goes up and down and some people I know have used it to punish, or not - they just decided they don't like me.  But it's just a stupid app.  I wonder if it means anything at all except for people who live online, in their virtual world, astral projecting themselves around the digital continent?

John of the Cross, quoting Isaiah wrote, "He who praises you deceives you."

It's funny.  Going through archives, I've been deleting stupid posts or condemnatory, gossipy posts - especially posts written about controversial issues or persons wherein I weigh in as a meddlesome old busybody - pretty much to get hits and up my stats.  (See what a hypocrite I am?)  Interestingly, I came across comments by former friend-followers praising me for saying this or that, or commending me for something I said.  See how fickle Internet, online friendships can be?  We must laugh or end up like

Problems arise when you become too concerned about it...

"It is quite foolish to hope you will reach your dreams 
while you are hanging onto people intent on pulling you down."

— Dodinsky (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Song for this post here.


  1. Dude you aren't that bad vs other actors of Satan on the net disguised as holy warriors. As for etsy hey Selling your possessions for a little income/ cleaning out isn't that bad. As long as etsy doesn't give you more stuff to buy. One post a day or every 2/3 days is fine man.

    1. Thanks Julian. Pray for me. Whatever I sell - the income isn't for me though.

  2. I still think you're awesome, even though you suck.

    There. That should make you feel better.

    1. Wha'd I tell you 'bout flattery?


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