Wednesday, January 27, 2016

After 10 years online, I think I finally get Jared French.

Evasion - Jared French

I knew it - or must have understood something intuitively, because this image is often reflected in my private work. Today I just noticed the blank sheet on the wall.  That is so key.  The figures always spoke to me.  They are indeed evasive.  French is showing us how deeply evasive such tell-all, narrative paintings or 'studies' can be - much like memoir.  There is a distinct confessional element here as well.  Pious positions, external piety can be evasive within that context.  John of the Cross writes about it regarding beginners - going to different priests and wishing to appear virtuous.  Face in palm - we often can't face up to such things - until stripped of everything ...

All the 'Magic Realists' or at least the top three, French, Tooker, and Cadmus to some extent, have been major influences in my work - even unconsciously.  I did a painting early on, The Dream - and another artist told me it reminded him of Tooker.  I had to look up Tooker to see what he was talking about.  I saw it.

In school, I did a watercolor with figures which resembles this work:

Business - Jared French

It startled me today ... my school piece depicted a man seated in the exact same pose - in a cafe.
I had never even heard of French or Magic Realism at the time - I recall the instructor looking at me curiously.

The experience is similar to my ex-voto paintings.  The same thing happened.
I made ex-votos with scenes from my life associated with
a particular private devotion.  Only in the late 1990's 
did I discover Frida Khalo's work.
Her style related to what I was attempting.

Intuition plays a big role in art, in life - it is important not to ignore it.

I once restored a very old icon for a bishop.
It was a remarkable experience.
Of course imagination was at play,
although intuitively, I'm convinced I encountered
the monk who painted it in the 18th century...

Anyway - here is a Jared French I want a friend to see ... I wonder what he will think of it?

Crew - Jared French

Will he see what I see?

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