Monday, January 25, 2016

Dirt Digging: Looking for the Kolvenbach Report ...

Kolvenbach with JPII

Too bad people don't have more to do.

The Holy Father had a negative report filed by a Jesuit when he was Fr. Bergoglio, and his name was offered as a possible auxiliary to the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1992.  Traditional bloggists are trolling for the contents to be made public, pointing out:

The report is said to be highly detailed, and to reveal all the character inclinations that are evident in the personality of the current Pope.

Now, it would be one of the scoops of the century if a journalist revealed to the world this most important historical document. - New Catholic
Fr. Bergoglio was not liked by the Jesuits at the time and was more or less exiled because he was deemed to conservative.  That's a fact.

I'm reminded of the notorious anti-Catholic sede-vacante site, Novus Ordo Watch, the editors of which had a sort of open bounty on Cardinal Mahoney, willing to pay for any damning information on him - such as homosexuality.

This is no different than the anti-clericalist determination to shame and destroy the reputations and vocations of Archbishop Nienstedt and Bishop Finn.

You people have no idea of what spirit is motivating you.  If you claim a good spirit you are even more deluded than I thought - you listen to strange locutions and put more faith in counterfeit mystics than the Church.

The devil is our accuser and he has been cast out - in the meantime - realize it is he for whom you work whenever you accuse.

Time to let the light of Christ in - or you'll end up an "Old Catholic".


  1. The truth is, these traditionalist bloggers love Pope Francis. What?

    They love him because they can point to how terrible he is, that he hates the faith and wants to lead people astray, while pointing to themselves as the model of perfection. They love the superiority that comes from criticizing and condemning the Holy Father. They are not looking for truth. They are not concerned about growing in the faith and in knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. They're already perfect and have all knowledge, so if anyone - including and most especially the Holy Father - does not meet their standards, then it's time to criticize and condemn. And that give them a feeling of superiority which they relish.

    If they are not careful, they will be the virgins locked out with no oil in their lamps.


      Another excellent piece as to what is happening in the Church with regards to those who are opposed to our Holy Father.

    2. Yaya, that is a fabulous article, especially the last part because it tells me what *I* can do:"....that the confusion, division, and endless speculations are a ruse from the enemy. He wants us to argue and debate and judge one another. Since he cannot destroy the Church, destroying her unity is the next best thing.

      On the other hand, Our Lady is calling us to deeper prayer, recollection, conversion, fasting, and obedience. If one does these latter things, the Pope’s foibles will begin to shrink back into their proper perspective. Because our hearts will begin to love like hers.

      Therefore, be serious and sober for prayers. Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 1:4-8)"

    3. Mr. Mallet's last three or four articles regarding our Holy Father have all been excellent and have helped me better understand what is happening. I have believed from the beginning that the evil one is stepping up his ante against the unity of the Church and Mr. Mallet's article just confirmed it all the more.

      Our Lady is of such consolation to tell us exactly what we must do in order to remain united with the Holy Father and with each other.

      Sadly, based on a few comments herein, we can see there is much to continue to pray and hope for. Poor Papa Emerito was tossed under the bus as well. :(

  2. I got such a chill while reading this. So much of this sort of stuff reminds me of Frank Peretti's book "This Present Darkness." Satan and his cohorts are everywhere. Storm heaven with our prayers.

  3. I cannot speak for anyone except for myself. The fact is Bergoglio was loved by the Jesuits, the younger Jesuits who could be influenced. According to one south American bishop, bergoglio single handedly, destroyed the Jesuit order of Buenos aires. Catholics have a right to know what is in the Kalvenbach report! You cannot have 2 popes alive at the same time. One must be the true sovereign pontiff and the other, the last in a long line of anti popes. Malachi Martin stated that the last pope would be under the influence of Satan.

  4. Two popes cannot be alive at the same time? Pope Gregory XII resigned to end the Western Schism. Prior to him was Pope St. Celestine V, who resigned for the good of the Church. There were others. Please do some research and learn some Church history rather than rely on the ramblings of Malachi Martin.

  5. Pope St. Celestine V reverted to a being a monk after his resignation. He was not styled "Pope Emeritus," which is an invention of Benedict XVI. Neither did he continue to wear white, papal robes. (Benedict's excuse of white being the only color available rings a bit disingenuous. He is in Rome after all. You can't swing a dead cat in Rome without hitting an ecclesiastical tailor.) So, Mr. Klump is correct. For the first time in the history of the Church, we have two men with the title of pope. No other pope who resigned continued to call himself "pope," emeritus or otherwise.


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