Saturday, June 13, 2015

Men who shop like women ... trans-gender-nonbinary-intersex-chimera fashions for trans-metrosexual-cisgender-lgbtq-friendly men...

"Maybe there's more to life than 
being really, really, really ridiculously good looking?"
- Derek Zoolander

Or something.

I ran across an article on the London menswear collection for spring/summer 2016: Men who 'shop like women' light up London catwalk.  It's all quite queer.  They don't just shop like women - they kind of dress like women.  Although the highly-fashioned  in Europe have been doing so for quite some time.
Gazing over the road at the crowds streaming into London's fashion week for men, construction worker Carl, dressed in a fluorescent safety bib, wondered: "What's going on? They all look weird."
For fashion lovers, buyers, journalists and bloggers, the four days of the London Collections Men SS16 are an opportunity to show off their finery -- the more eccentric the better.
Outside the venue, a huge long-haired man teetered in a pair of yellow high heels, carrying a school backpack.
Not to be outdone, his friend sported a polka-dot suit. Behind them, another impeccably-dressed guest paraded around in a hat resembling two cherries.
"I used to wear hoodies and T-shirts and jeans, not making any effort," said 35-year-old blogger Zokaya Kamara, looking slick in shorts, jacket and tie, with a camera slung over one shoulder. "But since making the effort, I get compliments every day." - Story here.
Michael Voris hair is still 'in'.

"It's that darn Voris – He's so hot right now!"
- Jacobim Mugatu

Biologists are studying to see if there may be some relationship to the monozygotic-dizygotic source as a determinate factor in personal style and taste in the evolved metrosexual.

I wonder if there is a biological basis for this phenomenon?  Involving some strange mutation in cellular division at conception?  The merger of multiple fertilized eggs.  As in Tetragametic chimerism - which is widely known and understood as congenital chimerism. The condition occurs through the fertilization of two separate eggs by two sperm, "followed by aggregation of the two at the blastocyst or zygote stages."  The organism develops - "they can be male, female, or have  mixed intersex characteristics."  Hence, when the individual matures, he finds in himself an overwhelming attraction to feminine fashions. Not dressing as a woman - but adopting styles which are more intersex, androgynous, albeit displaying attributes normally associated with female fashions:  Such as bright, trendy colors and prints for 'blouses' and Capri pants, as well as fitted clothing, body revealing necklines, waistlines, butt enhancement and so on. Likewise, men who shop like woman retain a distinct male identity, albeit they usually refine their looks through plastic surgery, makeup, hair styling and so on.


"Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. 
Don't play their game!" - Derek Zoolander


  1. All you have to do is call the number on the pill bottle a few days before you run out, but nooooo....

    What? I'm too sexy for my shirt.

  2. I lived in the D.C. area for 20 years. Guys like those in the first photo used to hang out in Lafayette Park across from the White House. Their headgear was meant to keep Martians from sending them messages via microwaves or the CIA from reading their thoughts--depending on the guy. They carried off the look more effortlessly than these guys. I must admit, there were gals too.

    1. Then there really are tin foil hat people.

    2. Yes, to be absolutely accurate: The hats were made from aluminum foil. They weren't as colorful as these ones. But they were more reflective.

  3. "trans-gender-nonbinary-intersex-chimera fashions for trans-metrosexual-cisgender-lgbtq-friendly men" ROFLMAO!!!!!


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