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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

On a lighter note: Caitlyn Jenner again...

“But I like to imagine a day when moms and dads counsel their girls and boys: ‘Be more like Caitlyn Jenner,’” - Sally Kohn.


So anyway.  I read somewhere Clint Eastwood may be in trouble for a mild reference to 'Caitlyn somebody...' as a former star athlete.  Sounds fine to me.

I think the funniest punch-line I heard came shortly after Jenner announced his transition and ended up in a serious car accident.  A guy commented on the story saying something like, "Well he must be a woman, he sure drives like one."   Ba dum chhh!  

See, that's old fashioned stand up.

Inappropriate though it is.

I'm against it!  What?

However, the funniest thing I read on the Jenner transition is from Sally Kohn.
Kohn wrote on Jenner’s story – from a mom’s perspective. “As a mom, I worry about the real-life Barbie doll hyper-sexualization projected by the Kardashian women,” she wrote. “Please oh please don't let my little girl see Kim Kardashian's airbrush-enhanced image and believe that is the feminine ideal.”
“As a feminist,” Kohn wrote, “I'm encouraged by the prospect that a transwoman may be either accidentally or quite deliberately subverting that trend, for the benefit of all women.”
“She has embodied a model of femininity that departs from the more-is-more overtly sexy model embraced by the rest of her Kardashian klan,” Kohn wrote. “And for this we should also be thankful.” - Finish reading here.

Such deadpan humor.


  1. I thought that was Tony Roberts with highlights.

  2. I'm sorry! I meant Tony Robbins!

  3. I don't know what photos Kohn is looking at but Bruce dressed as a woman is as phony and airbrushed as the Kardashians.

    1. I know! It's ridiculous - insane!

  4. Re: Kohn. Does she really hear what comes out of her mouth?


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