Friday, June 12, 2015

I wonder if they're ordaining too many permanent deacons?

They're flooding the market.

Clericalizing the laity.

I read somewhere that a bishop in Ireland would like to see married priests and women deacons.  So they could reinstate all the guys who leave to get married, and after that, ordain the best permanent deacons; their wives could be deaconesses, and then when their daughters become deaconesses, they could demand to be ordained because it worked out so well for the married deacons who became married priests.  Sounds like more clericalism to me.

I'm against it.


  1. Maybe in some parts and for the reasons specified, I'd agree somewhat but in my dioceses, most parishes don't have a deacon, and parishes that need a 2nd priest don't have one. Ordinations? All we got was 2 this year. Deacons are sorely needed where I am.

    1. Thanks Julian - I didn't know that.

      I was just being obnoxious. My parish has 2 deacons and they are excellent.

  2. We have 2 deacons for Mass at our campus and one at St. Vincent. We used to have a lot more deacons; we had three at our campus and two of them also had jobs at the parish. There was another deacon who had a job at our parish but whose diaconate duties were at another parish.


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