Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fr. David and “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate”: Every trick in the book.

Stigmata, weeping icons, locutions, the chastisement, 3 days darkness, visions, did I mention locutions?  

Never heard of him or the apostolate?  It's not the typical spin-off from the Medjugorje-inspired private revelations once promoted by publishers such as the now-defunct Rhiele Foundation, but it appears to be extremely well organized and possibly even rather profitable.  Bleeding Padre Pio images, icons dripping myrrh, 3 days darkness literature... all available at the online store.  Their promos show photos of Pope John Paul II apparently giving his blessing to one of the icons - which in cult promos means he approved of everything to do with the priest, the stigmata, the visions, the messages-locutions, and the 3 days darkness survival plan.

Back in March, the Diocese of Trenton issued a statement advising the faithful the organization is not recognized by the Catholic Church - and according to the Capuchin Father General in Rome - there is no stigmatist by the name of Fr. David in the OFM Capuchin Order - the reason for that - it appears he has his own religious community.

Diocese of Trenton Statement.
It has been brought to the attention of the Diocese of Trenton that an organization called “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is operating in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Brick Township, within the Diocese of Trenton.
This organization advertises “miracles” attributed to an alleged Capuchin Franciscan “Fr. David” and is soliciting money. This “Franciscan” claims to have the stigmata or wounds of Christ. This organization claims visions of and allocutions from the Blessed Mother Mary under various titles by its members. It also claims some connection to St. Padre Pio.
The Superior of the Capuchin Franciscan Order in Rome has been contacted and has responded that no such stigmatist with the name “Fr. David” exists in his order. This organization has no official connection with the Roman Catholic Church nor has it ever received any official approval or recognition by the Holy See.
The Diocese of Trenton only recently learned of its existence and operation and has never given its approval or recognition to “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate.” It has no relationship to or association with the Diocese of Trenton.
Because it uses Roman Catholic vocabulary, images and elements of doctrine, “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” has caused confusion among some devout and well-intentioned members of the faithful. The Diocese of Trenton has received complaints of fraudulent activity and wishes to notify Roman Catholics that “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is not an officially approved or recognized Roman Catholic organization. The complaints have been submitted to law enforcement officials in Ocean County.
Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M. Bishop of Trenton

Isn't that interesting?

H/T Spirit Daily


  1. Looks like a bad rash.

  2. Looks like the lasagna Mom overcooked last night.

  3. There's got to be an easier way to make money.

  4. Looks like bad rug burn to me.

    Anyhow, I think the appartion-chasing crowd would do themselves a favor of they took this little blurb from Diane K at Te Deum laudamus! to heart.

    This goes back to advice my very, Marian father had given me after he was "burned" by a fraudulent visionary. He encouraged me to not put any credence in a alleged private revelations and apparitions until the Church, at some level deemed them worthy of belief. His reasoning was simple, and he was speaking from experience: If we get attached and our faith has any dependence whatsoever on a private revelation or apparition before it is deemed worthy of belief by the Church, we risk not being able to "let go" if the Church says, "no". There is no harm in not putting stock in such things before they are given a green light, at least by the local bishop.

  5. BTW Terry, I would really like to know why people who claim apparitions or locutions do things like start their own prayer groups, open "shrines" or run around on cross-country tours promoting their messages when their local bishop hasn't approved *or* condemned them.

    And the horror if I posted Diane K's blurb at one of their sites. What?

  6. I came across The Marysway website, because I wanted to have Gregorian Masses offered in the Tridentine latin Rite. I was gullible and fell for Francis Slinsky's scam and spent over $1000 on Masses, sacramentals and even a donation for the alleged Fr David's orphanage in Mexico. I foolishly paid than did the research. I trusted that noboy would commit a sacrilege to fraudently sell these Holy artifacts. All i can say is ask the Holy Spirit for discernment on anything you purchase!


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