Friday, June 12, 2015

This made me laugh out loud: Fr. Z re-names the Fishwrap.

Let us build a house where love is found
In water, wine and wheat:
A banquet hall on holy ground,
Where peace and justice meet. - All Are Welcome
Maybe not ...


From his post on his use of comment moderation:

Over the years I have had to apply stricter and stricter moderation values on the combox so that it doesn’t degenerate into the slime you see in the comboxes of sites like the National Sodomitical Reporter or Crux or Amerika, etc. - Note to readers

Now that's funny.

I never applied to comment on Father's posts - for fear I'd be rejected, I suppose.  Years ago I once asked him to link to me and he didn't and so I had a chip on my shoulder about that for a long time.  If I had something to say in response to a post he did, I pretty much just created my own posts on whatever I found interesting on his blog.  People think I don't like Fr. Z, but that's not true.  I may have been irritated by some stuff he or his commenters have said, and posted accordingly - but I don't do that very often these days.  I also discovered I can use Google sharing to highlight a post I like - and I can comment there.  [He's also a funny guy - he has a sense of humor - and sometimes I tried to play to that, clumsily of course - so people thought I was being mean spirited.]  Again - my apologies.

That said - Fr. Z has every right to censor his comments and to ban whomever he wants from his site.  Nothing wrong with that.   

He's a solid priest - opinionated of course - but he's trustworthy.  He's a faithful Catholic priest.   [And an excellent confessor.]


  1. He didn't link to me either. Just who does he think he is, anyway!?

    1. It's painful, isn't it. Took me years to get over it.


  2. Replies
    1. Yes. I'm serious. He's 'attached' to the Extraordinary Form but he celebrates the Ordinary Form as well - and I mean well. I've known some of his 'mentors' - he is a solid priest. He's not to be discredited for his love of the Mass.

    2. You think is is right for a Catholic priest who is responsible for the souls he ministers to - which in Father Z's case is everyone who reads his blog - to actually ban these people from even viewing his blog? How is that fulfilling his vocation in being a good solid priest? I'm afraid that you and I, Terry, are in fundamental disagreement on a lot of issues, and I feel very badly about that. You know exactly what Father Z did to me, you know and even commented on my blog that he was wrong, and then you state here your public support for him. It is hard for me to trust you.

    3. Did I say he was wrong? I thought I only said something to the effect that he wasn't treating you well? I've gotten mad at things he has said - but I get over it. I've rolled my eyes a few times and wondered what his deal was - but seriously - there is nothing wrong with the guy. There is nothing doctrinally wrong with what he writes - there is nothing wrong. He's a good priest - in good standing. If I said he was wrong - then I was wrong.

      I'm sorry if we disagree - but you act as if he is evil or doing something wrong. He is not.

      Fact is - he is accountable to his bishop - the local ordinary where he lives - his private life belongs to him - his blog is his domain - it's not an appointment from the Church - it isn't his assignment from the bishop. He's free to do what he wants. The man himself is as pure as the driven snow as far as I know - he may be a little indelicate in what he writes - but there is nothing wrong with him.

      I think you've taken his rejection way too personally. He doesn't owe us - you or me or anyone - access to his blog, nor does he have any responsibility to reply to our concerns - no one has appointed him pastor of our soul - he's not incardinated in my space - public or privately.

      If we disagree on things - you and I - that's fine. People disagree. I may have disagreed with Fr. Z and he with me - people disagree with one another. It's human.

      If you don't like what Fr. Z says or writes - don't read him. If you stalk him, confront everything he says or what you feel offends you - you will surely will be a persona non grata. That's to be expected.

      Just today - in my archdiocese - we have been hit with a real crisis - a very wounding event. Your difficulty with Fr. Z - indeed - any controversy in connection with Fr. Z are absolutely nothing compared to the devastation which has happened here. It's frivolous.

      You have to let it go. Pray and do penance and pray very hard for priests - pray for Fr. Z. You have no idea how devastating this stuff is to faithful priests. None of us do. We are part of the problem when we continually pick on priests or speculate upon their fidelity.

      So I say to you in charity: Snap out of it.

  3. Haha!

    I like that you have fun with him. And we all need to be balanced out, Zed-heads obviously included, nobody's perfect. It turns out, without balance you fall down, or at least that's what people tell me when I stumble out of the bars. In fact, both your and his blogs are probably the only I read every day, or close to every day.


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