Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Pope cautioned against basing one’s faith solely on predicted visions or anything other than Christ himself.


In his June 9 daily Mass at the Vatican’s Saint Martha Guesthouse, Pope Francis cautioned against those who look for God “with these Christian spiritualties that are a little ethereal,” calling them “modern Gnostics.”
These people, he said, “tell you this or that: no, the last word of God is Jesus Christ, there is no other!” 
He also warned against those “who always need novelty of Christian identity. They’ve forgotten that they were chosen, anointed, that they have the guarantee of the Spirit, and they seek.” 
Francis observed that there are those who might ask, “But where are the seers who tell us today, ‘the letter that the Madonna will send us at four in the afternoon…’” 
He cited this type of predicted vision as an example of those who base their faith on novelties, explaining that these people “live from this.” 
However “this isn’t Christian identity. The ultimate word of God is named ‘Jesus,’ nothing more,” he said. - Finish reading here.

Works for me!


  1. Oh boy, the Medjurgorie crowd may soon be in a snit. The Pope is dropping hints that he is not impressed with this visionary business. So, I predict ( just a guess, nothing Divine) that restrictions are coming, not approval nor condemnation. The Visionaries will be restricted in what they do and where they talk. Their handlers will be told to cease and desist. The true test of their authenticity will be if they obey or not. This could get very heated and interesting.

  2. But I bet he’s impressed with the fruits, especially the affidavits presented to the Commission by over 600 priests and religious testifying that their vocation came from Medjugorje.

    Nothing wrong with restrictions. Wasn’t St Pio restricted for a time? Probably a few other saints as well :)

    As for obedience, which us can hold our had up and say we are obedient to God’s commandments every day? “Love thy neighbour as thyself” is the one that gets me most days! :)


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