Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This is interesting: The errors of Russia...

"Error is synonymous with evil and evil is synonymous with sin." 
Dostoevsky said it best at the end of Demons,
“Tell me the story of the man at the land of the Gerasenes… that’s my Russia!
Full of devils!
But the Lord will come someday and drive the devils back and back into the sea!
And Russia will become good again, sit at His footstool, and relearn His Gospels.”
... Fulton Sheen liked to recite that quote, too.
But who were the devils of whom Dostoevsky spoke? Nihilism had ravaged 19th century Russia and left some strange characters. Helena Blavatsky, for instance, who travelled to Tibet to study the occult monks, and went to England to be with Alistair Crowley, and travelled the world spreading a false gospel that saw Jesus as an incarnation of an avatar christ that reincarnates. She even went to Germany to help the Thule Society with her false doctrines, and the Thule Society was the force that pushed Hitler into power.
Blavatsky had ideas about eugenics and secret bloodlines and an aryan race that would emerge to rule the world.
If we limit the errors of Russia to “marxist atheism” we’d never notice someone like her and her Theosophical Society that has influenced strangeness worldwide. We might think that the errors of Russia were a political system and not demon worship. - Bellarmine Report

Sounds crazy, huh?

A friend sent me the link to this article some time ago, and only today did I read it more closely, in light of what I have been discussing on the blog recently.  It makes more sense now.

According to the author at the Bellarmine Report, in the first years of the 20th century, this is what Holy Russia believed her errors to be:
Theosophists, who seek other wisdoms than Jesus Christ;
Freemasons, occultists, spiritualists, sorcerers, who honor the demons. - BR
It is worth considering, I think - especially when noting many of the novel spiritualities which have crept into religious communities, parishes and dioceses around the United States and elsewhere:  Post-modern neo-paganism.  That said, I still think Marxist-Communism was Russia's biggest export - Theosophical spirituality filled the void atheism created.

Something more to ponder.


  1. Remember too that in the Sixties there was a lot of research in the paranormal, especially telekinesis, by Soviet scientists (See Alla Vinogradova and Nina Kulagina). I always thought of it as a kind of 'compensation' for official state atheism.

    1. That's right - forgot all about it.

  2. A very holy Orthodox monk, reader of souls, and miracleworker, Elder Aristocles of Moscow, prophecied in 1911: "What has begun in Russia will end in America."

  3. Oh! Apparently there is a huge disagreement among the Orthodox (Can you believe it? I know!) about who really said what I quoted above. Many attribute the quotation to Elder Ignatii of Harbin in Manchuria. Still -- if it's true, it's true.

  4. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Thanks for the link. The Bellarmine Forum was founded in 1965 as the Wanderer Forum Foundation, precisely because, in the wake of Vatican II, our founding members saw that there'd be a day when people would say things like "Paul VI wept"...

    I've been interested in the "Errors of Russia" being an explicit reference to the occult for a long time now. Sadly, about the last researcher of scholarly heft in the church to document the mystery schools and their activities was Hugo Rahner SJ. Anymore, we have to scrape what we can find and try to make sense of it. I have more stuff in the pipeline on this topic and the ties to Alice Bailey, the rainbow bridge, and movements we see today.

    Fr. Frank, that quote is perceptive and sounds like things I've heard as well. I've often wondered if he made it because he observed that the bolsheviks were driven by american-funded operatives like Trotsky.

    1. You are very welcome - a friend sent me links to your articles - I hope you can continue with your Fatima exposition as concerns the errors of Russia. Thanks for your work on the subject.

    2. BTW - I was taken by your insight of the angel with the flaming sword, connecting the imagery to the angel at the expulsion from the Garden of Eden - hence the illustration for this post.


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