Thursday, December 20, 2012

You know what's really weird?

Santa might get sleighed - but he's always dodged the bullet.

Considering all the people in the United States who have guns, Santa and all his reindeers have never even been shot at.  Imagine him down in the living room, what would happen if mom or dad thought it was an intruder? 

See - Santa is real.


  1. Would you want to be the one to shoot Santa? You'd be torn apart by marauding packs of distraught children.

    Santa is also an invited guest.

  2. Bought a Glock 22 Gen 4 pistol :-)

    1. Don't shoot Santa Father.

      I pray you never have to use it. I pray for you all the time. I know churches and priests are targets - especially in the big cities. God protect you.

    2. Oh Glock our help in ages past
      Our hope for years to come

  3. Terry, the kids will hate me if I shoot Santa. ;-) I hope I will never use it, but I am also ready to use if I am threatened by armed intruder inside the rectory. Now ready to go to target practice range.

  4. Fr, just be aware that the armed priests who were casualties of the Cristeros war were ineligible to be declared martyrs.

  5. I am not aspiring to be martyr because an armed robber took my life (it is not the same martyrdom by defending my faith).

  6. Burglarizing a rectory is an anti-Catholic hate crime so if you were killed in the process you'd have been martyred for your faith. Same as if you're targeted on the street dressed in clerics (due to your attire) or that you're known to be a priest.


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