Thursday, December 20, 2012

I do not hate the MSM.

Though there is bias, and they make big mistakes...

I'm grateful they have covered the massacre at Sandy Hook so closely.  I felt as if the people gunned down were my family.  I wanted to know what happened, to whom, how, where, and why.  I wanted to know the victims, the families.  I wanted to hold them close, in my imagination, my heart, my prayer. 

Beyond that, I'm grateful for the brave journalists who risk their lives to cover the wars and terrorist assaults upon ourselves and other countries.  I've worried and prayed for NBC's Richard Engel who had been held captive with his crew in Syria - my heart filled with gratitude to God when I learned they had escaped and are now free.

I think of the sacrifice of Daniel Pearl, a journalist beheaded doing his job.  I think of Laura Logan who was sexually assaulted doing her job.  These are brave men and women who put their life on the line.

I don't care if it is the
week before Christmas,
I want Amanpour off the air!

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