Saturday, December 22, 2012

FYI: Next Tuesday is a National Holiday.

Everything will be closed, no mail - although Walgreen's may be open.

Art:  The most beautiful card to date - Gabby got it from her cat cousins, Max Beckmann and Mo Mo Modigliani, they live in Scadia, Minnesota.  It is printed on fine card stock, the image embossed and hi-lighted with subtle gold outline in places - as is the spine of the card.  It is made by Paula Skene Designs, San Francisco - it is from 'The gold line'.  One rarely sees quality such as this these days.  (Gabby did the scan and left a cat food bit at the top right side of the card.  She apologizes.)


  1. Oh, how ADORABLE :) Purrrfect.

  2. Don't forget K-Mart and 24-hr Walmart for all of your forgotten items. Except booze. They don't have booze.


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