Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prayers In Thanksgiving

Declared Venerable:  Servant of God Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini, Italian, Supreme Pontiff (1897-1978).


  1. Thank you God for your Venerable servant Pope Paul VI.

  2. I have the same level of enthusiasm & trepidation over this announcement that I did regarding that of Blessed John Paul II. Unfortunately, I see in this move more a canonization of Vatican II (or rather it's 'Spirit') and perhaps less a move to honor the personal sanctity of Paul VI.

    I doubt few people were more surprised by the 'auto-destruction of the church from within' than Paul VI was.... A pope Who stood by apparently helpless as “From some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God” in his own ominous words. A pope who watched the dismantling of the Church by her own sons: cardinals, bishops and priests... In his defense, he shall in my mind and heart be remembered for his courage and prophetic insight with Humanae Vitae. That said, myself and whole generations of Catholics have been deprived of the fortification of a traditional Catholic childhood and upbringing because of his own inaction. We still live with the residual effects of this era and under its' spell. Fr. Allan J. McDonald on his blog "Southern Orders" wrote the other day, "Being stuck in the 1970's is tiresome and the 1970's really is over except where it is still practiced by a dying generation."

    I think Paul VI's being raised to the honors of the altar most assuredly is tied to his having lived heroically the theological virtues and not his papacy.

  3. servus, it's always tied to the individual's heroic virtues. If you look at Bl. JP II's life, enduring WWII and Communism, while still serving our Lord and, even more heroically, with his later frailty, still showing us how he served the Lord. Not about his papacy per se, but about continuing to serve while all knew of his frailty.

    The problem is that everyone assumes that if a pope, cardinal or bishop is raised to the altars it's due to his public office, when it's actually about how he lived his life; yes, his public office may be part of it, but if you removed him from that office, he's still holy.

  4. The pope is not Christ - simply his Vicar. Popes suffer from the same human frailty all men are subject to. Even Christ did not prevent the disciples from abandoning him and betraying him.

    That said, the Church is not making saints for political favor or worldly motives. You are thinking as the world thinks, not as God thinks.

    1. Terry,

      I'm not sure I follow you. How am I thinking as the world thinks and rather than as God thinks? Would you clarify that for me please?

  5. I was a wee child back then, but my guess is that Humanae Vitae and the hell that he probably took for promulgating it, took incredibly heroic virtue for him to rise above.


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