Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back online, with attitude. Redux.

Editor's note:  I composed this out of frustration after getting shutdown by a virus.  I was on a trusted Catholic site - but found out the virus could have been lurking on my computer for awhile - possibly received in and through an email.  Hard to tell.  Geek Squad says they get at least 2 computers a day to get rid of what is called the FBI virus.  It blocks your computer from accessing the Internet until you pay to be unblocked.  Posing as a government entity - some people are foolish enough to actually pay to be unblocked - that is the intent of the fake intrusion.  They obviously count on the fact that people use their computers for porn - it's a type of blackmail.  I do not use porn, never have.  I was totally disgusted by the porn displayed by the virus.  I took the computer in and paid no ransom.  I was pissed.  I felt invaded, my privacy violated and contaminated.  Which is why I wrote this post.  My apologies if it hit a little too close to home for some readers.  If you have online voyeurism disorder, just remember, you are picking up ITD's and infecting others.  Maybe get some help, or stay offline.


Our Lady of Guadalupe took my computer away and sent me back to the abbey - sort of.  It was a wonderful break Poodles!  Listen to this:
"If any man thinks he is religious without controlling his tongue, he's nuts!" - St. James

This blogging crap is empty bombast Poodles!  We are shouting into a vortex... 

We can't evangelize if we go on tearing one another to pieces.  Anyway - most blogs simply preach to choir.

Just think about it.  Envy, jealousy, stats, glorying in our conversions and graces and insights and degrees and accomplishments - listing all the books we read, making a wish list for more. Pumping up our friends count - pumping our friends full of...

"Oh children!  There's just so much to tell you!"  Said Maria excitedly, then she sang her "Favorite Things"!  And told the Captain to go to ... no she didn't.

But I'm back - and I never ever want to write to please any of you ever again!

"You never did!"  Said Cath, adding.

Which is why I love you!

So anyway - what a wonderful break from the Internet!  What a wonderful life!  Life is beautiful! 

Yes - I had the FBI virus - along with 700 other icky things, cookies, trojans, creepy filthy things.  The infected computer is a metaphor for the soul - we go online, engage in intercourse - even with trusted friends... ahem - and pick up ITD's - Internet Transmitted Diseases.  Just punishment for our online sins.  You get where I'm going.  Adulterers.  Adulterous generation.  Greedy little pan-handling ... oops!  How'd that get in there?  So you see, we bring it on ourselves.  Step into traffic...

So anyway.  I'm no longer opening e-cards, attachments, photos, stupid office hi-jinks kitsch, or stuff like that any longer - not even from those people I know - I don't really know any of you BTW - Oh?  Have we met?  Not really Poodle.  I deleted all of my recent emails without opening, and I'm not sure I'll ever open an email ever again.  I don't know where you people have been or what you do with yourself, or your computers ...

So anyway - I'm back online.  My hope renewed that I may be the most unpopular person ever to write a blog.  I will never return to Facebook, I will never be on Twitter... the Pope can do what he likes. Ganswein too.

This has been an Abbey Roads status update.   Thank you for tuning in.  Comments are reopened.  Donations never requested or accepted.  


  1. Terry - may I recommend getting Malwarebytes Pro? I used to have the free version until I got hit really bad. My computer guru suggested stepping up and buying the Pro version. I haven't had a problem since. It is always blocking potential stuff - mostly on Catholic sites.

    It costs $24.95 (one time) and it's been wonderful. Cheaper than a new computer or an expensive computer repair - not to mention the frustration of having your computer sabotaged.

    1. Thanks Adrienne - I'll check it out. It was a nasty experience.

  2. I liked this post very much. I did not like to hear that your computer was compromised, but I liked this post very much. That is all I wanted to write. Thank you.

  3. ....Norton 350 has evaded any and all attacks for me - and being a dangerous neophyte...I Do open stuff all the time, knee-jerk reaction, in alarm: like one recently from (Not) amazon.


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