Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Little Jesus

Everyone knows he was born 2000+ years ago already, right?  Still, we celebrate his Nativity and the mysteries surrounding the Incarnation and Birth of the Lord every year at this time.  Likewise, faith prompts us to keep ourselves ready and to anticipate his final coming - Catholics know that and do that at every Mass.

Nevertheless, we prepare for the Holy Nativity, anticipating the solemnity with great care, and sometimes, anxious cares.  We have wants and needs.  I think we forget God already knows that however - hence our anxiety.  Yet he gives little favors, little signs of his loving providence all the time - to increase our hope, our desire.  Sadly, we fail to thank him for the little stuff - most times we don't even notice them.  Fr. Solanus reminded me of that this morning.

Try to notice the little signs, the little lights twinkling in your life, albeit reflected in a darkened window, as it were.  Treasure these little signs in your heart with thankfulness - give thanks more than you give things...

Keep thanking God and the Little Jesus will be so thrilled with our prayers of thanksgiving he's sure to give increase - in abundance. I thought I should tell people that.  Wrap, swaddle the Little Jesus in warm, loving prayers of thanksgiving.  Let us welcome him into our heart and care for him there - carry him there.  The poorer we are, the more grateful we are.


  1. Fr. Solanus is also known for the saying, "Thank God ahead of time!"


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