Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DNC in Charlotte.

She looked good.

Just a couple of thoughts...

I didn't realize the DEMs were so in-your-face pro-abortion.  I know they are pro-choice - I thought that's how they are supposed to say it - but that woman from NARAL really pushed abortion.  No more pretending.  (I haven't been keeping up with the pro-aborts propaganda I guess.) 

I actually thought last night's deal was pretty exciting - I watched it from start to when the power went out at my house.  No, I did not watch the Republican Convention until Romney's speech.  The power  came back on just when Mrs. Obama was wrapping up.  She did good.  What?  She did.  In fact I thought Kathleen Sibelius actually presented well too.  Don't worry - I see how it all works now...

So here's the deal.  Like it or not - last night's coverage showcased the United States we live in.  The celebrities were in the audience, the hot button issues were being approved, change was acclaimed, 'if you work for it' that is.  As for the change, the advances, you have to wonder, how are you ever going to take back from women what they claim as their right?  The people who are up there on the platform are the ones calling the shots.  If they win - their platform is the future - and it seems to me it is what the rest of the world wants from us as well.  They kept saying 'this is change'

It sure is.

I blame it on the Novus Ordo.

BTW - I heard people mention God - even Rahm Emanuel said God bless America.  I mention it because some people were saying God was banned from the Convention.

Disclaimer:  Nope - I do not support the Obama people at all - but they were so convincing - I see why popular culture follows along and believes in the hope and change proposition.  The Dems have always had star power and trend on their side.


  1. My dad always calls abortion the "sacrament" of the left-wing. They have been making it very clear in recent years that pro-lifers are simply not welcome in their party.

    It's not so much a matter of narrow-mindedness, but the fact that they see someone being anti-abortion as akin to being anti-free-speech or anti-right-to-a-fair-trial. They really, really, really think it is a fundamental right guaranteed by ... oh wait, WHO does the Constitution say rights are derived from? I cannot think of of how disgusting it is to see abortion as a God-given right.

    Also, they see being anti-gay-marriage or anti-gay-sex as quite literally being the same thing as saying "I hate black people" or "I hope those yellow folk up and die". These are the terms they literally see the gay marriage debate in. They have no concept of nor will to understand the nuanced Catholic position, nor can they understand the difference between an unchosen orientation and a choice to live a certain way.

    My boss recently said "it's not a lifestyle choice" ... how the hell can that be? Yes, no one chooses to be gay, I get that, or at least I think most people can honestly say they didn't choose that orientation. But choosing to have sex with men is certainly a lifestyle choice, as is anything done voluntarily, including getting up in the morning, or staying up late to comment on blogs. NO ONE seems to understand that distinction.

    But one more note - Obama and his gang are not just pro-choice, the literally LOVE abortion. I have no qualms saying that - they really want more and more abortions, and all their actions have supported it.

    1. That is what is so creepy about the 'new normal'- it is so bizzare, words fail me.

  2. we are in VERY deep supernatural territory now. There is a spirit of evil that is permeating all aspects of life at this point in time....soooo much spiritual blindness and diabolic disorientation. Daily Mass and/or Holy Hour are needed more than ever. And you're right Mercury, the left is a religion now with satanic sacraments; abortion being their source and summit.

  3. "The new normal"

    Seems like the more abnormal something it is, the more it is embraced by secular society and the Democratic party. I saw this yesterday on CatholicVote and thought you and your readers might be interested. It's a first-hand account of what it was like to be raised by "two mommies" and the consequences as a result of this upbringing.


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