Tuesday, September 04, 2012

This is good...

"The unity for which Christ lived and died is not an abstract ideal.  It is the result of hard work: suspending judgment, choosing others before self, forgiving, seeking reconciliation rather than nursing hurt pride.  In other words, it requires that we die to self.  The fruit?  The blessing of God's peace!" - Magnificat, Morning Prayer, Tuesday, September 4

I see this as a contemporary interpretation of the doctrine of St. John of the Cross.

There is so much online, so much written, so much discussed, that authentic spirit can be dissipated if not lost.  I think it is important to allow ourselves to lose, to fail, to experience our impotence and powerlessness.  To allow ourselves to be taught, even corrected and rebuked, without defending ourselves, or worse, attacking one another.

"He walked in peace through the midst of them." - Luke 4:30

Art: Holy card by Ade Bethune.  I have one like it I purchased at her place many years ago, I wrote at the verse from Luke 4:30 at the base of the image.  It is in one of my books someplace.  The image used here taken from this site.

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