Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tuscon Memorial Service: "A Celebration of Life"...

"The lack of etiquette and decorum...  Oh my dear!  Who invited the riff-raff in?"
Actually, I was impressed with the President's address at the memorial in Tuscon, and I was buoyed by the enthusiasm of the crowd.  I paid no attention to the political signs and t-shirts - these days everyone promotes something.  (How about some coffee with that Ham?)   Anyway, I stopped watching midway, satisfied the President was there, attempting to rally the country and honoring the dead, while affirming the wounded.  Like I said, I was impressed, but I had some painting to do and I tire of political rhetoric on how we should all just get along.
The critics are out en masse today - that's just fine - that's contemporary American life.  Yet before 'they' go too far ripping apart the event for lack of decorum and sobriety, let them examine the way we do funerals in this country these days - even in Catholic churches.  It's no longer a funeral rite, but a celebration of life.  The dead aren't dead - they 'passed Go' and went straight to heaven - while the sick and wounded always fight to live - because life is worth celebrating and cheering and everyone is a hero and a champion in the Super Bowl of life.
Fact is, most secular Americans take these events personally and seriously, and they observe and participate in them the only way they know how.   Give people a break in times like these.


  1. You are right, Terry, but, I mean really, do we now have this rituals led by Medicine Men. It gave me pause and seemed, as Hume, said very peculiar...

  2. This moron is the reason my ancestors in Mexico fought the Yaquis and their satan devil worshiping cut peoples hearts out Aztec brothers... to the death.

    One reason Freemasonry is a mortal sin is because they put filth like this in our schools to teach our children.

    We are raising a nation of pigs...


  3. I missed the Medicine Man ritual - I geuss I didn't see everything then.

    What do they call it? Post-Christian or something.

  4. michael r.3:16 PM

    The prayer/invocation was led by an indian professor(from that college) of Mexican descent. I thought it was a bit odd, but I don't understand much about south-western indian customs. I can appreciate that others found it weird, but I wouldn't label it as filth. The entire program was a good memorial and appropriate call to treat one another with more respect and civility. Hail the President and all involved!

    Have you seen that the good Trappist monks of New Melleray have donated the coffin for the young girl who was lost in the tragedy?

  5. Terry: They had some Indian Chief w/ a feather invoking blessings at the outset. I thought, man, is this what we have come to? Seriously.

    Oh, Michael: that is so great about the monks and the casket.

  6. Mr. Terry,

    He was the opening act.

    I posted the link with video in my comment.


  7. It all seemed somehow symbolic of our new Godless,Obama run world, huh?

  8. ‘…but I don't understand much about south-western Indian customs…I wouldn't label it as filth…”

    I did.

    Satan has gathered his troops and the medicine professor is one of them.

    We see the effects of their magic in attacks, both spiritual and physical upon the innocent.

    Brujeria as it is called is once again an epidemic in the American Southwest.

    This is such a big problem that the Church in Mexico has assigned Exorcists to accompany Federal troops in their assault against drug cartels.

    Once a Cartel Boss is captured or killed, the Exorcists go into the community where that filth was hiding, and Exorcise the Community, not just a house.

    America will not do this because it is a Freemason country.

    Satan can appear as an angel of light; do you think under that façade are sunshine and rainbows?

    By the way, when I meet someone of the professors ilk here in Arizona where I reside, to their face they are told what filth they hold as truths, and where to go to get the real Truth.

    Some take me up on it; they are willing to have a look. Others just let the wind go out of their sails. Some threaten to call the cops.

    I hand them my phone.


  9. yay for the new melleray trappists.

    i watched the recap on the evening news & all i heard was obama pontificating, as if it was his responsibility to 'heal our wounds.' it irks me to no end how he sets himself up as a pseudo-messiah.


  10. michael r.5:48 PM

    It is a President's responsibility to heal our wounds when a federal judge is murdered, not to mention all of the others wounded and/or killed in this insane tragedy. I use the term "tragedy" intentionally, inspite of the nonsense that I just read over at Fr. Z's. He's pontificating over semantics, and claiming this was not a tragedy, but something else. One of his regular priest commentors, who I enjoy reading, has called him out on it, and said shame. But all Z cares about is the blog awards anyway. Yes, it's that time of year again. And raise your coffee mug and purchase some monks brew too, so Fr. gets his 18% kick back. Oh, I'm becoming much too cynical...

  11. For the record, the Trappist Caskets AND the Abbey Caskets monks will ALWAYS donate a child's coffin when requested. It's right there on their site, or maybe in their catalog - I can't recall. They also pray for each and every dead person in their coffins.
    Love them.

    And you can buy your (SO affordable, so beautiful) coffin ahead of time and they will keep it for you until you need it.


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