Thursday, January 13, 2011

One of THE Very Best Versions Ever


  1. Really? Which version is your favorite? I also love Dusty Springfield's version.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I was having me a Burt Bacharach flashback last week. Listened to all kinds of his stuff. He's partnered with some interesting musical bedfellows over the years including Elvis Costello. This tune (a Bacharach/Hal David thing) has always been a fav and serendipitously I like the version by Diana Krall: killer voice and that famous London Symphony Orch patent sound..

    Love the photography in the vid you posted

  3. awwww NOW you're talkin' my friend. i've seen chris botti live twice (each time 4th row center) and i'm gonna see him again next month when he comes to st. louis' powell hall to play with the st. louis symphony. this time - box seats. i can't wait.

  4. My favorite version is when my activity director/blog administrator sings it to me, naturally he's not as good as Burt or Dusty but he tries.

    When I was little I would listen to Burt in my dads bar that he had down in the basement which was ironic since he didn't drink nor was he social. I broke the tape deck and mom took the fall for me. I always appreciated that.

    Last week as I was thinking about my pain (I know) I realized that I'm not allowed to covet it anymore now that I gave it to Christ. Just think.. It was my pain, and he corrected me for reliving it - he said it was his. Is anything mine anymore? No.

  5. what's a tape deck?

  6. doughboy.... such a funny boy.. Does your mother know you blog? Is your room clean? ;)

    My favorite.... Don't make me slap you. hahahaha


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