Monday, January 10, 2011

Fr. Cutie on The View

Whoopie seemed to like him - she even expressed interest in his type of church.
This morning Fr. Alberto Curie was on The View promoting his tell all book, dressed in clerics with the nice crisp Anglican dog collar.  He is saying some pretty lame things about celibacy and cites the ancient history that all protestants have done since Marty Luther.  He also has the same bitch about homosexual clergy getting away with 'stuff' while he was singled out for being honest about his needs.  Not exactly his words, but I caught the drift.  I know many former priests, gay and straight.  I'm not down on former priests - just the ones who lambasted the Church after they left.
Cutie complained that he was singled out when his bishop went on television announcing the canonical penalties, he claimed he couldn't understand it considering how other cases have been treated.  Cutie appears not to understand that he was a public figure and he was caught scandalously romping with his mistress on a public beach.  A disc jockey in high school before entering seminary - hot-stuff Cutie was probably welcomed by vocation directors and faculty falling all over themselves to get him into seminary - regardless of any moral issues he may have had.  I have no doubt he was the golden boy, poster child for recruitment at the time.  Later, easily approved for ordination and in recognition of his communication skills, not to mention his show-biz good looks and aspirations, his ambitions were put to good use in the New Evangelization on Telemundo.  Cutie became a celebrity priest and spokesman for Latino youth, sort of a  pop-culture icon.  Considered a "What-a-waste" hip priest, he dazzled everyone from Gloria Estefan to Raymond Arroyo.  He knows all of that.  So why should the guy be surprised that the public scandal he caused was addressed so immediately and publicly?
That said, he was groomed to fall from grace - albeit unwittingly.
"Those who flatter you, lie to you." 


  1. "groomed to fall" three little words that captures much of what is going on today ... "grooming" for the fall.

  2. celebrity you have a fine way w/ words my friend...

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  4. You know, if I ever went into religious life, I doubt I'd want to be a priest - the burden is so great, when you really stop and think about hat priests are responsible for. And there's a certain fallen angel who's got his crosshairs on them and revels in this sort of thing.

  5. They had him on Fox and Friends this morning, too. Being safely interviewed by a non Catholic.

  6. michael r.3:54 PM Cutie was probably welcomed by vocation directors and faculty falling all over themselves to get him into seminary - regardless of any moral issues he may have had. I have no doubt he was the golden boy, poster child for recruitment at the time."

    I'm sure you are right about this. Sadly, this seems to be all too common everywhere -- the more attractive one is, the more one is pushed along regardless of one's competence. Perhaps he was a competent priest; I don't know. I didn't know anything about him, until he was caught on the beach with his girlfriend. It all makes me sick, and his book is worthless imo. Let's hope it doesn't sell any copies.

    Seriously, he reminds me of another fellow that you posted about just below -- John Boehner.

  7. @ Tommy boy, Understand this clearly, We will never ever accept your homosexual sins though we love the homosexual person and appreciate him or her as a creation from the mind of God. I wouldn't expect for you or anyone else to accept nor embrace my sins because "I" don't even embrace my own sins as I continually try to defeat them and overcome them from within myself.

    AND don't forget while your trying to rule the world as a natural born leader, we heteros reproduce... and I've done it eight times and I've raised people who think as I think and some of whom have gone into the big bad world as you have done and who negate any and all of your work.

    My 8 kids also negate any and all of your legislation and votes which you cast. My kid in public relations works to promote a positive agenda and an agenda for Christ which would include the family as God had designed for it to be. My other daughter makes movies which do not include "Gay agenda" themes thus indoctrinating people before you can get to them with your "Mind freak" um... techniques as my scientist daughter will be checking your hair and urine for drugs before you can get that job at McDonald's

    While another daughter will be sent to the convent to pray hard and yet again to negate your
    "DeEp ThOuGhTs" and to pray for your soul and for the souls of other people just like you.

    I only tell you this to discourage your work and to tell you that when it's all said and done, your team loses in the end and there is eternal hell as your final destination and in that, I take no delight , no none what so ever as it will break Gods heart.

    With your " psychic violence" rant, you now find yourself running with the devil himself with your lifestyle and rhetoric choices which is one of "Hate and violence" and one which can never be satiated.

    The "hate" your spreading will come back upon you as when Pharaoh cursed the Jews in the old testament. Hate produces more hate as it builds and feeds upon it's self until it devours and consumes itself. Your going to find yourself burned out and when you "Bump" up the verbal violence your crash will only come all that much sooner.

    Playing in Satan's yard gets you no where except really, really burned and your mind control
    has no power over us, we have Novenas to the Blessed Virgin, and to her Son, and we believe in the communion of the saints who are ever ready to assist us with their intercessions ,but most importantly we have Christ hidden within the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit within us, so beat it little man your bothering me, go and spew your intellectual talents elsewhere.
    Now I know why Terry gets bi#chy and mean sometimes as he has to deal with this kind of crap on a regular basis. Guard your soul Mr.T. spiritual cooties abound here. This is a mine field and I pray you win.

  8. Mr. Cutie-pie either a) needs more money to support his family or b) misses the limelight. I'm going with b. He's attempting to rationalize his choices; there's no comparison between being caught in public and causing scandal and committing sins privately.

    While it's true that the church handled the molestation scandals badly, that's a whole different situation and doesn't excuse Mr. Cutie from his vows. Had he been less enamored with himself, he'd have asked for a change of assignment instead of living a lie until getting caught on the beach.

  9. @Nan, I agree, I think it's "B". Although baby cribs, strollers and car seats are very expensive!

    Vows!! Nan, do people really take those seriously anymore?! ;|

  10. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I've said it once and I'll say it again, I always get that ominous feeling whenever I see a priest receiving some sort of celebrity status - and what's more appears to revel in it. Pride goes before fall.

  11. Dig in.

    Pray for this Priest harder than you pray for all the others.

    Satan wants him in Hell that he might torment him even further. Satan rejoices at the loss of souls because he fell.

    Pray that the adulteress return to her rightful husband and beg him and God for forgiveness.

    I saw the view thing on my computer... W. Goldberg represents a filthy, mean spirited way of living.No wonder she is popular.

    Storm Heaven with your prayers on behalf of this fallen Priest.

    Great post. I hope many pray for him because of it.


  12. Anonymous, I agree...Celebrity status for a priest is very dangerous territory. I've come home after 20 years in Evangelical Protestantism where I saw many hard falls as a result of men seeking status for the "sake of the gospel." I'm so sorry for this priest..and for those who followed him. I'm absolutely praying for this fallen priest .

  13. michael r.7:54 AM

    Yes, pray hard for Cutie. And be cautious whenever you encounter a priest who seems enamored of his own celebrity. There are plenty of the later on the internet...blogging away...

  14. Thus we now know why Terry doesn't post his real photo - he knows he'll be tempted with the celebrity and fame and notoriety because of his good looks. You're a wise man, Ter.

  15. Belinda - thanks for recognizing that - I get some nasty comments and emails sometimes.

    Larry - thanks - you got my autographed publicity photo in my scented Christmas card, right?

  16. you got my autographed publicity photo in my scented Christmas card, right?

    Yep, same as last year!

  17. belinda, I certainly hope people take their vows seriously although I know that many don't.

  18. Wow ! There sure seem to be a lot of people on this site who enjoy, what we used to call in the Seminary, "being lovingly hateful". How about we simply pray for this man and his family as well as for all priests in the Church, past and present. God doesn't need anymore haters -there are more than enough, both in and out of the Church. Pray and attempt to be a co-creator of goodness in God's world. It will make a difference.


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