Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Assassin

Oh come on!  Who didn't know this guy was a nutcase?  Who sold the idiot the gun?

There ought to be a law.


  1. Little Uncle Fester (mini Me).

  2. No, he looks like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

  3. This man needs to be slam-dunked through the legal process and put to death quickly.

    Mad dog killers have no place in our society.

    To grid slowly the wheels of justice in this case would signal open season not only on Elected Officials, Federal Court Judges and most important innocent children, but on every citizen whether they are right or wrong in their views.

    The man had a satanic altar in a makeshift tent in the back yard of his mother’s home.

    This is not about political ideology; it is someone who freely chose Satan and actualized those beliefs through murder.


  4. No new gun laws are necessary and I don't want any more government intrusions under the guise of protecting us.

    Life is a risk - each and every day and there's no bubble wrap for it and if this terrifying man hadn't used a gun it would have been a knife, a pipe bomb, a bat, the salad bar, or a stone as we presume Cain had used.

    (Consider that some retarded adults look freaky like him though frankly he looked possessed to me and yes since we are now open to judgements - I'm calling it.)

    What do you think will happen after "they" collect our guns? Peace?!

    Besides the ideology from the generation of peace got us no where. We must spread the gospel of the Prince of Peace, he's our only hope.

    God bless the poor unfortunate victims and the shooters family. I can't imagine the horror.

    fools and dreamers

    Say, I wonder where John is right now?

  5. No death penality either. We don't want our worst enemy thrown into hell and even though he's hated AND he deserves it. We are pro -life because Christ was pro- life.

    Redemption is still possible. This is a logical decision not an emotional one. We want redemption for every sinner besides I think most Satan worshipers repent - once they find themselves screwed over.

  6. michael r.7:43 AM

    "There ought to be a law."

    Actually, there was a law against the purchase of high power assault weapons. It became law under President Clinton. It was overturned by President Bush.

    I have no issue whatsoever with a constitutional right to bear arms -- the kinds of arms that the framers of the constitution had in mind. Just not weapons of mass destruction. We don't have a constitutional right to bear those, which is exactly what this nutcase brought to a political rally.

  7. Belinda - I'm kind of with Michael here - I think same day gun purchases are nuts - especially when they are sold to nuts.

    My apologies to all the gun enthusiasts as well as those people against the death penalty.

    This guy most likely will not be executed because he will finally be recognized as insane. My objection is that his insanity went unrecognized before the murders.

  8. @st. michael...defense, I don't think that was a satanic altar. You'd have to believe in something other than yourself to believe in satan and I don't think this guy qualifies. Also, the skull looked pretty benign and is likely to be a leftover from a Day of the Dead celebration, which are quite common in the Southwest and take place in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

  9. Mr.T., Sorry about the delay but I've been um... busy. I just heard the news, (yeah, it's Friday now) that the shooter had a machine gun. Machine guns are legal in Kansas but I can't understand why.These weapons aren't for hunting nor are they for target or skeet shooting but they're designed to mow people down. I wish these kind of things were illegal and inaccessable - along with rocket launchers, grenades, and nuke material. I suspect that people who have these items are the same kind of people who have pit bulls- Small people who want to feel big. Sometimes I think I'm crazy - until I listen the news then I think, eh.. maybe not so much. :)

    On April 21, 2008, Sebelius signed Senate Bill 46 into law, which repealed a 1933 state law prohibiting civilian ownership of machine guns and other firearms restricted by the National Firearms Act of 1934 provided that any prospective civilian owner successfully meets the requirements of the NFA. The law was passed in part to address legal issues that could have prevented dealers from delivering firearms to law enforcement agencies in Kansas. The law takes effect on July 1.
    Source: Wikipedia.com article “Kathleen_Sebelius” Apr 21, 2008


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